Tiffany on Net-A-Porter

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  1. I just checked NAP's new arrivals and they are now carrying some Tiffany's pieces. One nice thing about this is that NAP doesn't charge taxes in most states.
  2. Thanks for sharing! That is great to know. I just looked and hope they get more items.
  3. I had a look on the Australian NAP site and it's mostly the T Collection.
  4. Are the items on here authentic? My understanding was Tiffany's only sold its jewellery through its own stores and website.
  5. I believe it's authentic. I saw "Tiffany now on Net-A-Porter" post by Tiffany on IG.
  6. Net-A-Porter is a very reputable retailer. They would never sell something unless it was 100% authentic.
  7. Thanks guys! Wow i cant believe Tiffany is starting to sell its products outside of corporate owned stores. I'm not familiar with this site but i noticed the prices are in usd and are slightly higher than the usd prices on the Tiffany website.

    I'm in Canada but since the Tiffany T collection is made in Italy i wouldn't get the duties and tax exemption compared to if the collection were made in the USA.
  8. I just saw that yesterday on N-A-P, interesting :smile: