1. I am looking at some Tiffany earrings on eBay and am wondering if I should be skeptical of the seller saying that they are "NEW and from a jewelry store that she's selling them for"

    They Retail for $175 and she has them for $100.

    Does Tiffany even sell their stuff to other jewelry stores that could discount it or are they ONLY sold at T&Co. stores?

  2. from my understanding, you can only obtain Tiffany jewelry from the store and their website. I would not buy them from e-bay. There are a lot of tiffany fakes on there. Call a Tiffany store and I'll bet they will tell you Tiffany never goes on sale anywhere.
  3. DO NOT BUT TIFFANY'S ON eBay! THEY ARE FAKE (a good 99% of them) You can't tell the difference in sterling silver jewelry because most of them are A quality replicas. The A fakes are also made of sterling silver so it feels (weight) just like the authentic Tiffany piece. They have all the stamps in the correct place. The engraving is a bit off but it would be hard to tell if you have never seen the real piece up close and examined it. I'm not a big fan of Tiffany's but I know this because my SIL collects Tiffany's sterling silver pieces, she went to Taiwan and bought a few fake necklaces back. We actually compared the fakes to her real jewelry and boy let me tell you they look pretty darn good! So my suggestion is not to buy Tiffany's jewelry online because you're going to get a fake piece!
  4. THANKS!!!!

    I looked on the Tiffany website and read that Tiffany jewelry is ONLY sold at Tiffany stores, so NO eBay jewelry for me!!!

  5. Ebay isn't selling as much fake Tiffany as they used to. They're really cracked down on the fakes. Gold (18K) Tiffany on eBay is usually real, of course.
  6. I go on the T&C website and drool a lot lol, but the first time I went on to look, I was surprised at the sterling silver prices (more reasonable than you think!) So I would def stick to the website, tho of course, everyone loves a bargain! :smile:
  7. You certainly can find authentic Tiffany on ebay, but there are a lot of fakes. I think that I would stick with Tiffany's for purchases.
  8. Interestingly, if you do a bit of googling, you can easily find where the Ebay sellers get their stock. It seems there is a gigantic market for fake Tiffany silver jewellery and the components, including the boxes!!!! I was shocked that this is such a big industry ie the fake Tiffany market!!!

    And I would definately buy from the store because the difference between the fake price and the real Tiffany price wouldnt be enough for me to want the fake....especially in the silver line. Also the T. `experience` is part of the fun imo.
  9. There are a bunch of real Tiffany's pieces on ebay and a lot of the fakes that have been on Ebay have been removed and they're pretty good at monitoring the listings.

    If you want to post the link to the auction I can probably tell you if it's authentic or fake.
  10. ^^ yeah, pm me too if you want any help
  11. As the others have said, most T&Co. sold on Ebay is fake - but not all. You can easily dismiss a listing as fake T&Co. if they claim to have gotten it from a store other than Tiffany's -- T&Co. doesn't sell their jewelry anywhere else but their own stores, or by looking at the quality of their gift boxes and pouches. A lot of fakes like to use these drawstring pouches for some of the Sterling Silver necklaces, when the real ones come in a suede-like, snap-closure pouch.

    Maybe someone can answer me on this, but I've been wondering if Tiffany's even uses drawstring pouches for their jewelry at all?
  12. Yes they use the drawstring pouches for a lot of their jewelry, mostly the sterling silver.