Tiffany..ok for this??

  1. I just recently attracted with Tiffany & Co. since I got this lovely bracelet as my birthday present :heart: :love: and thinking of collect more.But as I heard it is a bit hassle to take care of it,even the silver one..
    My very2 best friend asked me to wear the tiffany everyday as it was so special and got our name engraved on the heart..I'd really love to,but I've been told to take it off everytime i take shower and do sports.Will it make my bracelet become loose?how if i insist to wear it?
    my regular sport is only jogging and running liftling or anything that could damage my bracelet.

    any opinion??:sad:
  2. Like any jewellery, the more careful you are with it (and the more you keep it safely in its case and don't wear it! :lol: ), the better it will look. Ideally, it is always a good idea to remove any jewellery whilst doing sport, or showering.

    However, I don't see why you would need to be more careful with Tiffany silver jewellery, than you would any other silver jewellery of a similar design. :shrugs:

    The worst damage is actually often done to jewellery when it is jumbled up in a case, or drawer, with other pieces (as opposed to when it is being worn).
  3. Tiffany silver is very durable - the only thing I've ever had to do is polish it. My DH got me the classic heart bracelet around 6 years ago and had our names engraved on it when we were first dating... I stil wear it regularly, and do everything in it (I don't wear jewerly to shower though), and no problems!

    Just store it in it's pouch when it's not in use to reduce tarnishing and scratching on other pieces since silver is a soft metal.
  4. I have a few pieces of silver jewelry from Tiffany's, and I've never had any problems with any of it. It's quality stuff-I don't think you're going to have any problems if you're careful with it.
  5. I play Tennis,and run with my stuff on. Its durable!
  6. Like mentioned, Tiffany silver is very strong and durable. Whenever I get a shower/wash my hands, I always take any jewelry off. Also, when I do any type of sports besides running/jogging, I take it off.
  7. I'd ask a SA to confirm, but Tiffany's a very good brand. I don't think you'll have a problem. At any rate, I'd rather a broken bracelet than an injury.
  8. I have the T&Co sterling silver 1800s replica band and, other than turning my finger green when i first got it (had to be the polish), its held up well. i did wear it in our hot tub, and I dont recommend that. it became very dull, BUT did shine up super well with silver polish.
  9. Its extremely durable. its does need a polish every now and again.
  10. Although it is very durable, I'd still take the jewelry off for showering/sports.
  11. You shouldn't shower with any jewelry and I wouldn't recommend playing sports with any jewelry on either but don't hesitate to wear them otherwise, they will be able to withstand years and years of being worn.
  12. Tiffany silver is very durable. However, I do have to say it tarnishes more easily than any other silver I own for some reason. I feel like I have to clean my Tiffany pieces almost every time I wear them if I haven't had them on in a while.
  13. Hmm, I wonder why. How do you store them? Do you keep them in the pouches?
  14. from my experiences and talking with SAs, it matters on your particular chemical makeup. I never have to polish my pieces and wear them regularly. A couple of years ago I wore the floating heart necklace for like 6 months straight-never taking it off even to shower and it was perfect. Who knows?
  15. No. I keep them in my Bailey, Banks jewelry box. The necklaces hang along with my others on a tie rack. All of my earrings and necklaces are stored the same way, but my Adina silver, for example, doesn't tarnish nearly as easily.