Tiffany now cleans their Silver jewelry for FREE!

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  1. This may only be news to me but I thought in case it wasn't, I would share. I only found this out last night when we were browsing and the SA mentioned that there was no longer a fee for cleaning silver jewelry. I was still under the impression that it was $20/pc for cleaning silver items. So I just dropped off 5 very old, very tarnished pieces to be cleaned. It will take 48 hours, but it was free and there is no limit as to how many pieces you can bring it at once. I'm pretty psyched that I may actually wear some of these now once they shine like new again.

  2. Great info to know!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  3. I heard this too
  4. I paid $25 per piece a few years ago. This is great news! Thanks for the info.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing :smile: I guess I will be dropping some pieces off today ;)
  6. A free polish cleaning or just a steam clean?

    I brought 3-4 silver pieces in a few weeks ago but was only able to get a steam clean for free. To polish would've been $50 for each item.
  7. Here in Switzerland at Tiffany's cleaning silver pieces is also for free but polish out scratches is 60 Swiss Francs per piece.
  8. Free polishing! The salesperson wrote, "make likened" on the service ticket. I had my mesh necklace, bracelet and ring on at the time when they offered to clean them and within a couple of days, it was ready. They really did a great job and look newagsin! Once I picked up those pieces, I dropped all my other Tiffany off to them.I cannot wait to pick them up.
  9. Here in Singapore no longer free for cleaning.. They charged about 40sgd.. And thus I thought it is applicable to all the t&co stores.. But to my surprise when I was shopping in hk, the lady did it for me for free. So it's actually co problem! 😭
  10. I'm interested to hear others experiences in the US / Canada to see if all the stores do this. When I asked the Vancouver, BC store about it they said they would steam clean it but not polish it.
  11. For those interested, I just went to pick up my jewelry at the store and I'm amazed at how it looks. The SA said it was cleaned and polished by the tumbler so the minor scratches are repaired but if you had deep scratches, those would still be visible, everything looks so amazing, almost brand new again. They were all severely tarnished, there was no way that I could've cleaned them myself. Now I may actually wear these silver pieces that have not seen the light of day in so long, some at least a decade.
  12. It's not so much a "now" free thing as an "again" free thing, back in the 90's when I was a teenager who only wore Tiffany silver necklaces and bracelets it was free. As the popularity grew, they began to charge.

    (and probably because spoiled brats like me used to abuse the system!)
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  13. I remember it was free until 2007 or 2008. I didn't own any silver pieces back then but I remembered the service desks were always busy whenever I took my diamond pieces in to clean.
  14. Yup, Ive gotten about 5 pieces cleaned all together and then took back another 6 or so more pieces. It was done in an hr. I know it was steam cleaned and I believe polished. She said to me that we don't want to polish more than once a yr... So i am almost certain they were polished as well.
    Also, she checked all my clasps and all gemstones/diamond.
    I am SO glad its free again. I have the T&Co cleaner and while it helps, it does not get it as cleaned as they did.. And the at-home cleaner gets caked in my clasps but they were able to steam it out.
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  15. Does this apply worldwide? Where r u located?