Tiffany NOVO Diamond

  1. So I open up the May Marie Claire magazine and there it is on a double page ad in the very front.........the brand new Novo diamond
  2. so pretty. :love:
  3. I'm going to check out the Novo bands since I see they come in rose gold too.
  4. this was one of the rings me and DB tried on @ Tiffany's...gorgeous, sparkly, and perfectly cut :love: the price is also a bit less than a similar sized round solitaire :yes:
  5. I tried on the Novo band in platinum and it is really beautiful! It is very much like the legacy band, but more delicate seeming because it does not have the milgrain edge, so the diamonds seems to "float" more on the hand. I've only seen the rose gold version on the web-site, but would love to see it in person.