TIFFANY Multi-wire necklace

  1. Has anyone got any idea where I can buy a Tiffany multiwire necklace (gold or silver)? Such style is no longer online. Thanks
  2. some of the stores may still have it...
  3. Thanks.
  4. Lorenza, which style are you talking about exactly?? The silver and gold multiwire neckalces and bracelets have been discontinued, or are you talking about the 10chain, with heart or round disc??
  5. I am talking about the Multiwire necklace and bracelet. Initially they had them in either gold or silver, then i saw they had them only in gold. It had no heart or disc. Just plain wires. Thanks
  6. I have 2 gold Peretti curved wire bracelets. I have one with 5 wires and another with 9. I think it's called "waves"... are you talking about that one?
  7. The style was called "Multi wire" on Tiffany´s website. There were necklaces and braceletes. Gold or silver. More likely with 9 wires each.

    This is a link that has a fake in "silver":
  8. Oh, I remember that style! I like it very much. I think you should inquire. They may still have it, but just not showing on the website.
  9. call tiffany. they have great cust serv and they have a thing with doing web/store/catalog exclusives. but they could prob locate one for you!
  10. I will do so. Thanks
  11. Lorenza, that style was discontinued, sorry : (