Tiffany Lucida

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  1. Any ladies out there with Tiffany Lucida rings?? If so please post!
    This is my total dream ring....!

  2. I've posted these pictures in another thread, but I'll post them here again.
    Both rings are Lucida, engagement ring is 1 ct.
    I'm really glad to know someone out there likes Lucida as well. The moment I tried on the Lucida, I knew immediately that it was my ring.
    DSC03348.JPG DSC03349.JPG
  3. bagmania, your Lucida is beautiful!! And it looks lots larger than the 1 ct weight. I first saw a Lucida in Tiffany's in 1998 just after it was introduced and just loved it. It had been in the corner of my mind ever since, and on an occasion last year, I received this one:heart: It's 1.66ct
  4. Each of you have very beautiful Lucida rings! I've also tried on the Lucida, and love the simplicity of the setting and the beautiful cut of the diamond. However, I've noticed that ct for ct, the Lucida looks smaller than other cuts of stone. Anyhow, it is lovely!
  5. claudette2, yes, the Lucida does appear smaller because most of the weight is in the depth. It's generally a deeper cut stone than a round brilliant. The Lucida's depth percentage is greater.
  6. Here's mine ;) It's a variation of the Tiffany's Lucida diamond, however, instead of it being the typical "square" cut, it's the rectangular cut.

    Here's pic of the rectangular Lucida from Tiffany's

    And, here's mine. In the background is the professional pic of it taken on my wedding day.

    And, here are my babies in their box!

    BTW - bagmania and isus - love your rings! How in the world can were you able to take such gorgeous close ups of them?? Every time I tried all I got was a blur and glare! I guess it must be my cheap camera!
  7. You ladies have beautiful rings!!!
  8. Lucida, your retangular shaped Lucida is stunning! I've always wanted to see one of these:yes: My own stone is slightly retangular tho you have to study it for a moment to notice this.

    As for photographs, I created my own version of a macro on my camera. I use a small magnifying glass and hold it up to the lens ( and also set the lens to macro on the camera) I guess that's cheating....I should get go on and buy an extra macro lens.

    Play around with different combos and take lots of pics....that's the best way.
  9. I got a Lucida. It is a .50 caret and its is VVS2 and it is an H. I also have the Lucida wedding band for when I get married this June. It was funny My guy just upgraded my ring from a .32 vvs2 with a I to the above I made he girl laugh because I tried on a .75 and above and you could not tell my fingers were there because I have shoter and fat fingers and it just did not look good plus I am simple and I dont want anything that big
  10. also all the ones that were a higher caret then mine were not as good as far as being colorless in the store I was looking at