Tiffany Lovelies!

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  1. I got such great little presents for my 16th birthday!
    I have always wanted something nice from tiffany, but always ended up passng their things up!

    now I finally have 3 adorable pieces!

    ~Return to Tiffany earrings
    ~Tiffany heart charm bracelet
    ~Paloma Picasso Scribble charm




    sorry about the blurry pics! (new camera)
  2. very pretty , congrats!
  3. congrats and happy birthday!
  4. Cute!
    I have never seen the scribble charm before but I love it!
    Happy sweet 16!!!!
  5. love them!
  6. love that scribble charm!
  7. Happy Birthday!

    I love those earrings, I received them for my sixteenth birthday as well. I have NOT taken them off since! (Im turning 19 in september!). Just be VERY careful with the posts,they bend very easily and break. Tiffany Charged me thirty dollars to replace them!
  8. ^i noticed that!!! mine already has a slight dent, but i did not try to fix it for that same reason! oh well, use it or lose it ;)
  9. aww happy birthday!! such nice presents!! was the camera a present too?
  10. ^ no, i purchased it for italy, and i had to dig into my lv fund, but the pictures are all well worth it
  11. XD breee yu know im here girlyy

    love ittt (:

    congratsss babyyy
  12. Happy Birthday!
    cute earrings!! :biggrin:
  13. congrats and happy birthday!!
    i love the earrings and can't wait to get a pair..
  14. congrats on the tiffanys!

    oh yeha YAY on turning 16 ;]
  15. happy birthday! lovely pieces.