Tiffany lock pendant - pretty or passe?

  1. Saw this Tiffany lock pendant in the store, I thought its really nice! Been saving up for the cartier love bracelet but thinking of dipping into the fund for this. Anyone else love it? It can close and open like a real lock.

    (And the shop mislabeled the price tag; its one third cheaper :graucho:I wonder if they will honor the deal. Its v despicable, I know, but its so tempting. Would u try your luck too?)

  2. Pretty!
  3. A pass.
  4. They mailed me the new catalog yesterday! I saw this one and it's so pretty, I bet it's lovelier in person!!! 14K is wayy better than the silver version! You should own it if you can afford it!!!:tup::heart::drool:
  5. Pass. Not a big fan.
  6. I love it , I want the sliver one !
  7. I like it!
  8. I love it!
  9. I have this and I love it. I think it is very classic and timeless; it's a lock!
    Mine is the old style and was about $800 dollars 1 1/2 years ago; it does not open at all. I always get compliments on it!
    The new style does snap open and is $1400, so that may explain the price difference.
  10. not a fan of yellow gold. Pass for me
  11. i want the silver one on the chunkier chain, or maybe the bracelet.
  12. I like it a lot, I showed it to the BF for our anniversary ;)
  13. I think most Tiffanys stuff is passe now, but this I like. Understated, interesting, and not one of the styles seen on every other woman (and mainly teenagers) walking down the street.
  14. I loke it, but i would wait and save for a cartier love bracelet. You do know that you cannot buy one for youself though. You have to buy it for someone else. My fiencee wants to buy me one and told me that
  15. I love it in Mom has it. :smile: Go for it!