Tiffany Legacy Pendant

  1. Did any of you know about the Tiffany and Co pendant in the Legacy collection? I've seen the earrings and the e-rings of cousre, but today I saw a pendant, that was to die for (.75 ct I vvs2 center w/ .11 tcw for the halo ~$7450.00). I would love to find a photo of it, but I don't see one on the web site, and the sales woman said they don't have many in circulation which is why they don't post them on line. Anyhow, totally beautiful!!! I would love to see them do a pair of earrings in the Legacy collection on French wire, so they hung down off the ear lobe just a little. I love the Legacy collection.

    Oh, and I also saw the Tiffany Novo cushion in person finally! Beautiful, and the matching band is so perfect for an eternity band. Aaah, I'm dreaming of diamonds.
  2. That sounds gorgous - I'll have to keep my eye out for it. I also love the Novo ring, it was a hard choice but I went for the classic solitaire because its more my style.
  3. Congratulations on choosing your ring! Out of curiosity, what size center were you looking at in the Novo? I noticed that only the larger stones (over 1 ct) really showed the cushion shape.
  4. ^^^
    We were looking at rings of between 1-1.3 or so ct. Mine is a little over a carat since I didn't see such a big size difference for the price at that point.
  5. I know you love the diamond, but have you considered a colored stone in Legacy setting? :smile: That way you can get the Legacy diamond in ring form and it wouldn't be too redundant.