Tiffany Legacy Aquamarine ring!

  1. For my quarter century birthday in March, my family gave me a Tiffany Legacy ring with an aquamarine center stone. It is quite possibly the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen besides my T&Co round brilliant engagement ring. The cushion cut makes the aquamarine sparkle like mad, with the depth of the ocean apparent in blue with a hint of green.

    The carat size of the stone is 1.77 carats, with 41 diamonds grade G VS2 (like all Tiffany diamond non-solitaires). The largest diamonds float around the aquamarine and then wrap around the front of the band in a gentle slope with smaller diamonds. Unfortunately I could not photograph the diamonds underneath the stone as well as the single diamond on each side of the band -- but I will when I receive the ring after it is resized! I only had fleeting moment to take photos because photo taking is apparently not allowed in the store (but the ring had been purchased already so it was allowed this time).

    The band is platinum and detailed with milgrain. It is only slightly heavier than my diamond ring. The two rings are so different, yet they go well together! The Legacy will go on my right hand for my family.

    When I officially receive the ring for my birthday, expect higher quality pictures...but even my quick attempt really showcases the beauty of Legacy and the original 6-prong setting of the engagement ring. The craftsmanship and detail of the Legacy is completely stunning...I was literally blown away.

    AHHH I'm so excited and happy!

    (btw my engagement ring was very very dirty and I should have gotten it steam cleaned at the store...but they wouldn't have let me take the pics if I had gone back to get it cleaned. Had to seize the opportunity!)

    BTW if anybody lives in the Chicago area, I recommend the Old Orchard store. Luba has been my family's SA for about 7 years and she knows me and my family so well...I just love visiting her every time I go to Tiffany. Everybody at the store is great, but the personal attention I receive from Luba is another reason I will always love Tiffany's.
    DSC04233small.jpg DSC04234small.jpg DSC04235small.jpg DSC04236small.jpg
  2. both of your rings are so beautiful!!
  3. OMG! Clanalois, that is quite possibly the most stunning ring I have ever seen! Its so beautiful and the colour of the stone is so breathtaking! I have always been a fan of the legacy setting, and your ring just makes me love it even more.
    Thanks so much for the great pics, and Congrats on such an amazing purchase!
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous ring!! Congrats, they look so fab together!
  5. congrats! Very pretty!
  6. Wow! That's so beautiful; aquamarine is my birthstone too!
  7. That ring is so gorgeous. I love aquamarine, it's my DH's birthstone. it goes so well with diamonds.
  8. omg both of your rings are gorgeous! :love:
  9. Absolutely stunning!
  10. That's beautiful! I didn't know that they put non-diamonds in the legacy setting. So pretty, and a great birthday gift for you! Oh, and happy birthday too :smile:
  11. :heart: aquamarine. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!
  12. Just beautiful.
  13. I can't imagine what the next quarter century will bring you:drinks: :drinks:
  14. Beautiful, simply breathtaking!
  15. That is such a beautiful ring! Congrats!