Tiffany layering necklace

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  1. POst ur tiffany layering look !!
  2. image-160852209.jpg

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  3. Some modeling pics from tiffany look book
    Amazing !!!


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  4. Many combination ..... I love layering necklaces !!
    Now need gold lol


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  5. Tiffany diamond bow and YG dbty 0.08 sorry the dbty is all pulled backwards....
    tiffany necklace stack.jpg
    and my two dbty's platinum (3 diamond) and YG single diamond a little VCA thrown in for good measure :graucho:
    tiffany bracelet stack.jpg
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  6. Diamonds are beautiful :smile::smile:
    Love love !!
  7. Great combo!!!
  8. CAndice can u post another pic of ur dbty necklace :P
    am doing a custom made dbty and ordered 0.08 ! wonder if its too small

    i love the combo !!!:biggrin:
  9. I hope this helps. I showed it next to the clasp so you can judge size of the 0.08
    dbty closeup.jpg
  10. thanks antiqueshopper, I LOVE your jewellery collection ;)
  11. Thank you!!! You have a great collection as well. BTW- if you ever get tired of your Van Cleef Bracelet- you can send it to me- :biggrin:.
  12. m'kay ;) I'll trade you for your pave frank gehry fish pendant :drool:
  13. Lol antique shopper and candice :smile::smile:
    Btw thks for the pic but u got me lost lololol seems huge lolol
  14. no not huge! but a nice size, take a look at the clasp on your tiffany chains and you'll see the size of the 0.08 it's just a tad smaller then the clasp :smile:
  15. Deal!! :biggrin: LOL!! JK!