Tiffany Key Size

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  1. I own several key (white chalcedony (think it is 1.25 inches), knot key in gold (1.75 inches), oval key in gold (1.25 inches), and mini heart key with diamonds on the heart (1 inch). After thinking about my collection, I started wondering about others and how they wore their keys.

    Which key(s) do you have? What size key do you wear most often? Would you want an additional key in a particular size?

    I wear my mini heart key the most often. I love the bling and the size fits well with most of my necklines.
  2. If this is a repeat thread, please feel free to move. Sorry for any potential trouble in advance. :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. I own two keys - the daisy key 1.25 inches in sterling silver and the knot key 1.75 inches in yellow gold. I wear them both with about the same frequency. I used to own the 1" mini heart key in sterling silver and actually wore that more than these two combined. I kind of regret selling it actually. It was a good size and a nice, basic key.

    ETA - I may at some point add the oval key in the 1" size but that's low priority.
  4. I have the small daisy key. I wear it layered with my diamond pendant. I love the Atlas collection and am thinking about getting a few pieces. The key is definitely on my wish list 😀
  5. The mini oval key is really pretty! Would you layer it with your other keys or wear it on its own? Which metal would you choose?
  6. Which Atlas Key would you get?
  7. I would get the sterling silver one in the size small. I wouldn't layer it. I would just wear it by itself. It just has a different look than the daisy one I have - more casual.
  8. I would get the small sterling silver one as well. I love the white gold with diamonds, but I would never spend that much money on something that I wouldn't wear every day.
  9. It is definately a more casual look. Hope you get it soon!
  10. How big is the small silver one? I only see the large on the website.
  11. tiffany key is on my wishlist right now. saving up to get one :smile: can you guys please post pictures? thanks
  12. I have the 1" Heart Key in platinum with diamonds and wear it 24/7. It is very sparkly and goes well with any style. I wear it on a 18" chain and it really fits almost any neckline (I don't only wear too deep ones).
    I also love the diamond Knot Key in 18k WG which is 1.75", but I'm not quite sure I would wear it a lot.
  13. Which key were you looking to purchase? What size key were you considering?
  14. I love your mini heart key. I was thinking about saving for a platinum one. I have not determined which one yet. It is one of the many items on my list. :biggrin:
  15. Oh thank you :smile: I think yours looks more like a real key, which nice.

    What do you ladies think about fleur de lis keys?