Tiffany jewelry - any fans?

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  1. Hi guys, just curious whether anyone out there is a big fan of the Tiffany sterling jewelry anymore. It seems like I get a catalog from Tiffany once a month and always like a few of their sterling pieces, but never end up buying anything because it seems like a silly price to pay for sterling. I mean, for the cost of a Tiffany necklace I could get a really nice semiprecious/gold necklace by a less well-known designer. I used to really like Tiffany sterling though - is it still popular?
  2. I like some of their pieces but don't wear silver. The pieces I like are V E R Y pricey, so I opt out! LOL!
    The sterling is the kind of thing I would start collecting for my daughter though, like the bracelet, etc . . .
    I already started her a James Aver charm bracelet, but sort of wish I had thought to start a Tiffany's instead.
  3. I love Tiffany's but sadly only own their Return to Tiffany oval tag necklace.
  4. I'm not that big of a silver person, and I think that everryone has the heart bracelets ( some of the similar styles are pretty damn cute though.) They have some cute two-tone pieces as well.

    This is my sole piece of tiffany's jewelry, and I adore it- it's so easy to wear casual or dressy.

    My darling boyfriend gave it to me as a gift, I picked out the smallest size they offered- I guess I'm pretty minimalistic when it comes to jewelry. :smile:
  5. love Tiffany's jewelry!!
  6. i'm not a big fan, but i find their style is very "vanilla" sort of can't go wrong with it. but nothing edgy. i prefer pianegonda but they are just as expensive with a little bit of edge...
  7. I have the Return to Tiffany bracelet, but thats it. I love looking at the catalogues when they come through the door though. Their diamond jewelery is sooooo tempting but just out of reach price wise me thinks. I love the quality of their pieces and the designs are just stunning.
  8. I only have a Tiffanys keychain. I'm not too fond of their silver. Seems like everyone has the same necklace/bracelet.
  9. This is my only piece. A boys unsuccessful final attempt to woo me from my man {whom I later married!}
    I actually still like the Atlas Collection a lot.

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  10. Oooh, Dani, I really like that necklace! Simple and pretty. And I like the Atlas collection too, Swankymama, pretty and classic. It seems like most of the new Tiffany stuff features little sterling locks, which remind me (obviously) of LV...but I'd rather have a new lock on a pretty new Speedy than a lock on a necklace :smile:
  11. i am a HUuUuUuUuUuUuUGE fan of Tiffany!! their silver pendants are lovely..
    i own two from the paloma piccaso collection.. the one attached.. and a similar one but with an X shape..
    i have matching earings and a ring for the heart shape pendant from the same collection as well >>too lazy to search for pics:lol:
    Tiffany stuff always remind me of gifts i get from my beloved ones!!:love:
    and when silver starts darkening (or whatever that happens to the color!) i use their silver polish which works like a charm!! ;)

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  12. I am not a big fan of tiffany jewellery . I had some when I was 14 15 but I prefer Chopard, Bvlgari and Van clef.
  13. i don't mind some of the pieces, but honestly i prefere cartier.
  14. I have a lot of it...mostly gifts from when everyone in my life found out my favorite movie was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" :lol: . But, I don't really wear most of them anymore, and don't have to heart to give them away because they have sentimental value. Nowadays, I wear a lot of Me & Ro and David Yurman.
  15. LOL! Well I prefer Cartier and Bvlgari too, but you can't compare them!