Tiffany Inconsistencies - how many inches is your chain REALLY?

Jun 28, 2006
I was going through my Tiffany jewlery today and of my three supposedly 16" chains, there is quite a bit of variation:

- Silver Open heart: 17"
- Silver Open teardrop: 16.5"
- 18k Open heart: barely 16" (it's more like 15 14/16")

I was wondering why my silver open heart felt so comfortable yet I felt like the same necklace in 18k was choking me. Turns out, it "didn't look as good" because the chain is a whole inch shorter! It falls right between my collar bone as oppsed to slightly below it. It kind of bothers me because I believe the length of the chain effects on how the necklace looks. To be honest, its driving me nuts! Has anyone else noticed that their 16" chains aren't consistently 16"? How many inches are yours?


Nov 14, 2007
Hm...well I try to stick to 18'' chains bc. I find they are more flattering. But my "16 inch" chains from tiffanys all vary slightly.