Tiffany heart lock

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  1. I used to own this and wore it on an 18" small beaded chain. I ended up selling it. The lock used to flip all the time and it drove me nuts.
  2. I own this in yg and I think it is beautiful. So cute and dainty. I wear it on a 16´´ chain.
  3. I had this pendant in rose gold in the same size and used to wear it on a necklace or a charm bracelet. It was perfect on a necklace. I could wear it on an 18" chain for something simple, or on a 20" chain if I wanted to layer.

  4. Lovely pendant :smile:
  5. That looks very nice on you! Thanks for the modeling pics!
  6. Aw :sad: That's why I'm kind of on the fence with purchasing it.
  7. I love the pendant! Simple but eye catching ;)
  8. I can imagine how it would pound on your chest when you move around. But I'd say it's cute enough to wear on occasions :biggrin:
  9. You're welcome! :smile:
    Also, to address a previous comment, I don't know how it will be in silver, but my pendant flipped or bounced very rarely as it was quite heavy.
  10. If one had a ring added to the heart for the chain to go through, the heart would lie flat, and there wouldn't be the problem of the heart flipping around.