Tiffany Garden Necklace & Ring

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  1. Hi ladies,

    does anyone have these jewellery pieces or has seen them in person?

    What do you think of them? And which necklace size is better - the smaller or larger one?

    Do you think these jewellery pieces are good for everyday wear or only for special occassions?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I was obsessed with this collection when it first came out. I desperately wanted the bangle! Of course that is the one thing that is not available! The necklace depends on your scale and your style, you can't go wrong either way. I preferred the smaller one but I'm very petite and jewelry can easily overwhelm me. The ring I found to be too cocktailish but that is just me. There are several things I wanted more on my list but after I captured them, if I ever had extra money I would def invest. What I have wanted more recently is the earrings, I love love the earrings. I almost treated myself to them for my bday to go with the bee pendant. I preferred this collection in the peridot myself. As for flower rings I prefer the diamond rose cut. I think its dressy enough for night, but I would still rock it during the day!
  3. I recently bought this necklace and though I am petite, I preferred the larger pendant. It's not that much bigger and I thought it was the better choice for me.
  4. Could you maybe post pics of it? it looks so beautiful on the www :smile:
  5. I saw the ring in person, tried it on and fell in love...and I usually don't go for amethyst. When I tried it on, it was $1300.00...should have bought it then, but I might buy it soon!
  6. I know, the prices have gone up like crazy. When I wanted the pendant, either the smaller or larger was only 850! And the bangle too! Then it doubled in price!
  7. Yes, Tiffany's price increases are really insane. But I think Cartier is even worse!

    @ LVoeletters: Have you seen the golden garden earrings in person?
  8. Tried them when I tried on my bee, they were cute but idk I felt like it wasn't worth 650 from tiffany, the gold was thin but very elegant. If I didn't have a huge expensive wishlist then by all means I would have nabbed it. It's fresh and delicate.
  9. Oh, I think I will get them... they look so pretty!
  10. Don't get me wrong, they are very cute, its just I had more pressing things on my wishlist, I always go for Tiffany items that "don't look like tiffany" so when I saw the earrings while they were so fresh I felt like I should focus on other parts of my wishlist first and get something next time that was more "classic" tiffanys, like the amethyst garden earrings, but then I became obsessed with trying to find the peridot version so the earring purchase never came to fruition. I think you'd really like these because they are very sweet
  11. I own the small Garden Flower in citrine. It is a very beatiful piece; actually, it is probably one of my hubby's favorite pieces I own. It is just the pop of color that looks nice with many outfits.


  12. Wow!!!! Your citrine garden necklace is so beautiful!!!!!
  13. Wow, your necklace looks gorgeous! So colourful and fresh!
  14. Thank you!!! Again, it is one of my DH's favorite pieces.

    Thank you!!! It is a great piece.