Tiffany Financing/Charge Account

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I noticed on the Tiffany website there is mention of payment plans with interest free financing available for ring purchases as well as mention of something called a charge account.

    Does anyone have any experience using these and how exclusive is the approval process? Does it apply exclusively to rings or is it available for other items as well?

    Boyfriend hinted at the possibly of getting engaged next summer :biggrin: (if our school/work and living situations are sorted out) and of course I instantly thought of a Tiffany e-ring! I could never ask him to spend that much but if financing were an option perhaps it could be a possibility.

    Please let me know what country you used these services in and what they were like. I live in Canada.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. In the US you can finance e-rings and higher end pieces. It is a year of free financing with 25% down (how much it was when we got engaged).
  3. You can finance your high ticket item purchase. I don't know how much down you need to put but the rest is devided into 12 equal payments. Tiffany would have to do a credit check and you would need to be pre approved.

    The big question is, which Tiffany e ring would you pick? :smile:
  4. They do the application right there in the store now. I heard.
  5. Yes it's 12 month interest free
  6. That's great
  7. Thanks everyone! I will definitely check it out once the time comes
  8. What's the minimum amount that you have to charge ?
  9. Think it is $5000

  10. It's all high end items. Tiffany kept trying to have my BF finance the atlas bangle for me.
  11. You have to charge at least $2500.00, with 25% down.
  12. Thanks for in info.
  13. I there are two different kinds of Tiffany accounts.
  14. I'd like to know what opening an account like this does for one's credit score.
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  15. I went with a friend the other day and she asked her SA about financing. It all depends on your credit rating. Tiffany would do a credit check and will approve how much you can finance the purchase. If you have a great credit score, you don't even need a down payment, the purchase will be devided into 12 equal payments.
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