Tiffany exchange process

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  1. I just recently received some jewelry from t&co for my birthday from my parents. The jewelry was nice but when i got it, my parents werent very impressed. We sent the jewelry back and exchanged it for the shopping bag charm and necklace set. I called today to check on the status and she said they havent logged my return!! She mentioned they were still working on returns from 14th and 15th and mine came in on the 20th!!!!! I am soooo frustrated! I should have driven 3 hours to a T&Co store. Has anyone else had this problem????:mad:
  2. That same thing happened to me. I received something on Dec. 24, sent it back, insured UPS on Monday, Dec. 28, Tiffany received it on Tuesday, Dec. 29. I had to call twice (got the exact same answer you did). My VISA was finally credited on January 19. I've never had to wait so long for a return to be credited to my account. Hope this eases your mind. Janney
  3. Do they do returns? I thought that exchanges or merchandise credit only.
  4. ^^ Tiffany has a 30 day return policy.
  5. Thanks that gave me some reassurance. I love Tiffany Jewelry but next time I will definately DRIVE 3 hours instead of choosing from the website.
  6. I did an exchange. I still cant believe its taking this long!