Tiffany Engraving

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  1. I'm ordering my fiance's w-band on Mon or Tue from Tiffany and I wanted to get it engraved. Does anyone know if I order it from the store or over the phone, instead of online, how many characters I can get engraved and how long it would take for the engraving? I know if I order online I only get three characters, but it says it differs in store.
  2. Last time I purchased engraving (which was 10 years ago, btw) it was $5 extra dollars for each extra letter. It took about 10 days. Wait for someone who's done it more recently to respond.
  3. It costs $30 for the first three letters and $6 for each additional letter. Hand engraving takes about 2 weeks.

  4. Thanks ahertz and antique.
    Antique do you know how long it takes for machine engraving?
  5. I should take about a week. Unfortunately, machine engraving will wear away over time. So, it is best to get hand engraving.

  6. O good to know I didn't know that. Thanks again
  7. Definitely go for the hand engraving! It looks amazing! Congrats on your upcoming wedding :flowers:
  8. I second the hand engraving. It looks so much better too. BTW, you do not necessarily have to get it done at Tiffany's. I am aware of an hand engraver in NY who used to do a lot of Tiffany's stuff. So, at least at that time they did not even do it in house. If you have a hand engraver locally, it might cost you less to have them do it. Although, hand engraving is becoming a dying art and there are few left these days.