Tiffany Enamel Pieces and Durability

  1. I have decided that I really want something in the signature Tiffany Blue, and I was wondering what everyone thought about the durability of their pieces? I am thinking about getting a charm and wearing it as a pendant... That's where I seem to see the most Tiffany blue items...
    Any thoughts?
  2. I think I read somewhere that the enamel chips over time but if you are getting something like a charm to wear on a pendant, you should be okay.

    If you get a ring, I think the enamel is more prone to coming off as you use your hands a fair bit in daily life.

    I really like the Tiffany Blue Box charm! And the gingerbread man is sorta cute too. The reindeer is adorable!
  3. I really like the blue box charm too! I cannot believe it is $300 now; a few years ago, it used to be $150 because my SO and I bought it for his mum. I was also seriously considering the london taxi, since I have dual citizenship with the UK (my mum is British).
    Would either one of these work? I would put it on an 18" chain so that I could wear it with a shorter necklace.
    Are these quirky and fun, or too young to wear?
  4. The Blue Box charm is 340AUD (then again, we get charged exorbitant prices for everything so no real surprise there!)

    The London Taxi is cute! And I love that it has meaning for you.

    Both charms are quirky and fun and would look great on an 18" chain.

    I'm leaning towards the Blue Box more though. But I haven't seen anyone with the London Taxi, so that would be a better option if you want something really different as I'm sure the Blue Box is quite common.
  5. I love them both! Hm. I wonder if they have the london cab in my local Tiffany's...
    I love the box too! Gah! Decisions!
  6. You know what else I love?

    The Tiffany Blue jewellery box in porcelain! I need to check them out in person as there are three sizes.
  7. My mum bought me the smallest one! It is so cute, I love it!
  8. Pictures please!

    Does it store much?
  9. I certainly will! It is nearing midnight here, so I will be sure to post pics tomorrow. It holds a few small things. :smile:
  10. HI dark angel I have a tiffany charm bracelet that I wear everyday for the past 4 years..I think the durability of the enamel is perfectly fine but the discoloration is a huge disappointment..I have the pink cupcake, sig. blue box, blue key, rodeo charm, and the ballerina shoe that just came out... my pink cupcake charm has turned to a gross almost brownish pink color and no longer looks bright pink.. my box has slight discoloration as well on the sides.. I saw this issue start about a year after I got the charms and Tiffany said it is the nature of how ports the enamel is so therefore they will not replace the charm...The oils from our skin, lotion, perfume, even certain soaps cause this... I have noticed that my key charm has not had any discoloration and I purchased that about 2 years after the box and cupcake. I have a feeling they have made changes to the amount of enamel thickness and slight color change just in general. I was actually in the store today trying on necklaces when I realized how much "thinner" the enamel looked now.. because your getting a pendant you may not have the same issues if its laying on the silver side to your skin or if they changed something to help the discoloration issues but I would definitely keep this in mind while purchasing. Hope I helped :smile:

    Also I will try and post pictures if you want..I first have to figure out how though :smile:
  11. I am only 14 almost 15 and love the charms because I feel like they will work for every age and carry me through my ages forever..I see a lot of adults wearing the charms now a days especially where I live so I think you would be fine

  12. Wow thank you for the info! Sigh. That makes me kinda sad about the difference in the enamel. I really want the box or the london taxi... Well, I will try them on and see how they hang off of a necklace. Please post pics if you can? I would like to see a Tiffany enameled piece after some wear and tear. I will also ask the SAs at my local Tiffany's to see what they say. In my opinion, they should replace it if that happens!
  13. Exactly what I think they should but I guess now they are starting to warn people
  14. I have schlumberger enamel earrings, and the quality is just fine, the color has remained constant (my earrings are white). However, I think the schlumberger pieces are made with finer quality than the silver charms. I think it is a different technique of enameling called paillone that they use for the sclumberger pieces.
  15. How intriguing! How did you come across this information?