Tiffany Elsa Peretti Mesh Earrings - what you think? :)

  1. Hi!

    What do you think of these earrings? Can't get it out of my mind :idea:.... Thinking of getting it soon :heart:... Would anyone know how long it is?

    Mini Mesh.jpg
  2. i'm not really a big fan of mesh...but if you have a round face, this cutie could do the trick! good luck with your decision :smile:
  3. I think these are gorgeous and will be very flattering to any shape of face. Personally I probably wouldn't wear them often enough to justify the price. But if you have certain outfits and events you can wear them to, I say get them! They look like they would have a lot of movement on the ear. Can you get to Tiffany's and try them on? Good luck!
  4. They seem a little too fancy for me..but they are lovely earrings!
  5. It's not something I'd automatically go for, but I do think they're stunning. I bet they look gorgeous on.
  6. I was JUST looking at these yesterday! I love them, and my mom said she'd get them for me for my birthday!

    I say go for it! : )
  7. How about the scarf mesh ones? They're a bit bigger and drape more.
  8. Thank you so much for all your comments! Haven't decided yet whether i'll get it or not... Debating if i'll really get to wear this piece as i am more partial to silver & white gold & ...... saw something in Pianegonda that caught my eye :idea: Will update you all & post some pics.. once i've made a decision.. Again Thanks! :smile:
  9. I have the elongated mesh with the diamond on the end. They are pretty long, almost 2 3/4-3 inches long and the mesh ones you are showing are maybe half as long.
    I love mine a lot! I have very long hair so I really need the longer, swingier earrings. :smile:
  10. I love them, esp. in silver.

    I have the large silver mesh hoops earrings from T&Co that I wear all the time.

    Go for it! :smile:
  11. i dont like them. i think you could find some much cuter
  12. I love the mesh earrings. You should go to Tiffany's try it on.
  13. Not my taste, but if you love them, get them!
  14. I like them:smile:
  15. I have these, but in silver! i absolutely love them, and always get complimented on them, i say go for it!