Tiffany E-rings

  1. Hello----did some preliminary e-ring shopping this weekend and tried on these few styles---does anyone own one (esp. the first 3) in the 2 carat range that they can speak to? Also, what type of wedding band did you choose to go with it? I love them all and can't decide. My ring finger is only a size 3 (barely)
    PS: I love the schumberger---very envious of those who own one and can carry it off nicely!!! :smile:

  2. I have the first ring, the Legacy and I bought the matching Legacy diamond band....I almost got the all Platinum Legacy band (no diamonds) but I wanted the extra sparkle.
  3. Did you try on schlumberger? It is one of my fave rings though i have not yet seen it in person. If you like legacy ring, u can also take a look at the HW micropave ring @ their website, i have seen some photos and i personally feel it's prettier:heart: =)
  4. I have the last one, and got the 3mm diamond eternity band from Tiffany.

  5. I love the Schlumberger and got to try it on but it was way too overpowering for my finger. Such a shame. It was a 1.63 carat center and about 3 carat total weight. But SA said that even if center stone is smaller, it will still be wide on the finger due to the setting. But it was amazing---so unique and I've never ever seen anyone owning one! Thanks for the tip on HW---will def. look there!
  6. I love the 1st and 3rd rings :heart:
  7. I don't have one but I like the first!
  8. So far in my collection I have the 6-prong RB and a Legacy aquamarine. I truly am spoiled beyond all belief. :smile:

    The RB with melee border is so amazingly gorgeous, the smaller diamonds truly shower the light into the larger stone. I think the sparkle is more brilliant than the 6-prong because of this...

    :smile: next on my wish list obviously! Good luck picking your Tiffany!