Tiffany E-Ring Vs. Non-Tiffany E-Ring

  1. Ok. . . I noticed that the idea of buying a Tiffany (or any designer brand) engagement ring or a non-Tiffany stone are always in constant debate. I want us all to get out these feelings here and now, so in the future the topic does not keep coming up again.

    I will begin. I have a Tiffany e-ring that I love. I dreamed of owning a Tiffany diamond e-ring since I was very young. I know that I could have gotten an equal quality stone somewhere else, but my heart wanted a Tiffany stone. I know I could have gotten a bigger stone somewhere else, but I wanted a Tiffany stone.

    My sister, when she was engaged, bought her diamond in the diamond district. She chose a bigger ring.

    When I told my family that I wanted a Tiffany stone, my mother was very supportive, and my father tried to convince me otherwise. He wanted me to get a bigger ring. When I told my sister about the price, she thought it would be more expensive then my ring cost. Her first reaction was that I was being rediculious, but after hearing the cost, she didn't think it was that ridiculious (still not her choice).

    When my fiance and I went shopping for rings, he only liked the Tiffany classic. We went everywhere, and he was pickier then me (suprising for a guy who knows very little about jewelry). He only liked the Tiffany classic.

    Now. . .get out your feelings here.
  2. My feelings are just as I stated in the other thread. I personally do not think the Tiffany brand on a diamond, with the exception of the Legacy or Lucida, is worth paying for, nor do I think that because it's Tiffany that it is any better than any other ideal diamond I can buy elsewhere.

    I have an issue with the brand: I think it's overpriced, over-glorified mall jewelry. It's a chain, and despite it being considered a higher-end chain, it is still a chain to me. And that, to me, cheapens it and reduces it's delight. That's not to say I don't lust after several of their items, I just refuse to pay the ridiculous premium for what I can get elsewhere of equal or in some cases better quality.

    Putting stock solely in the color and clarity of a diamond and not considering that that doesn't have everything to do with the sparkly of the diamond is my big issue with how they market the fact that they elect to sell higher color and clarity diamonds--and they use their OWN grading system to notate that. Not a standardized system. That to me also is misleading because they can essentially call it whatever they want. And the marketing towards the higher color and clarity combo without identifying cut quality--because let's face it, not every diamond they sell is going to be perfectly well cut. Some WILL be dogs, but slapping their name on it seems to negate the dog-factor.

    My original eng. ring was from Tiffany. Their customer service and lack thereof is why it went back. That did not help their case with me. But it also didn't stop my purchase of other items from them. And I almost bought my replacement e-ring from there after my original was stolen, but I decided to go elsewhere for a multitude of reasons, getting bigger and better for my money was one of them.

    No one is, to my knowledge, bashing the decision or desire to own a Tiffany ring, or to want and dream about having one. But unless that's your absolute dream and you have the budget to match, not everyone ends up going that route, once they see what is available.

    But this thread will not be the end of this discussion and debate. There will always be opinions one way or another.
  3. I don't really have an opinion.

    I am happy for people that got their e-ring from Tiffany if they love it and that's what they wanted. I think your e-ring should be your dream come true. Some people dream of an e-ring from Tiffany all their lives and its not just the ring, it's the experience of opening the blue box, etc. etc. I don't see anything wrong with this. Many of these girls make what some would consider to be a 'trade-off' and get a smaller size stone that they would otherwise get, because they just absolutely want a Tiffany stone. I see no problem with that, especially as I don't think its a trade-off as I am not into big stones anyway. (they don't look great on my fingers).

    Others on the other hand dream about having the biggest diamond possible and enjoy the thrill of getting a deal. It's a different personality type. I feel happy for them when their dream comes true and they post their beautiful and sizeable ring photos and express how proud they are that they (or their SO) did the research to get exactly what THEY wanted.

    It's a pointless argument to me, since it's about feelings and involves different personality types who are never going to convince each other.

    I was with my then boyfriend for seven years before we got engaged and all I wanted was a diamond, any diamond, the moment he proposed. So I cannot relate to wanting anything specific. I love the diamond that I got them (28 years ago) and will never change it because to me its about the sentiment and the memories.
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    I say buy what you love.
    I am a pricescoper, lol, but I am a Tiffany fan also. I have a Platinum wedding band from Tiffany (along with some other jewelery) but I just purchased a pair of diamond studs from a pricescope vendor, no way would I pay Tiffany's markup on diamond stud earrings :p
    I also have a pair of diamond studs from my local jeweler that are uncertified but I love them.
    I guess I am all over the place. I let my eyes and knowledge that I have tried to learn (and my wallet, haha) be the judge and I go from there :smile:

    Oh, as to a Tiffany e-ring I think they are gorgeous! If I was in the market for one and had the money I think I might splurge on one, BUT, as to the other thread, I would personally use the HCA tool before I purchased and not after to be honest
  5. I think that when it comes to certain pieces, you should go Tiffany's or nothing b/c you don't want to wear "knock offs" but when it comes to engagement rings, it doesn't really matter to me.

    I'd be happy w/ my ring as long as it came from a person I loved regardless of where it was purchased.
  6. I'm a setting girl. I don't really care how big a diamond is on an engagement ring... Basically, if it's a pretty color, good clarity and super sparkly/shiny then I think it's beautiful.

    I just cannot stand cheaply made settings. I want the total design of the ring to be stunning... not just a slighter bigger rock on in a setting that doesn't look completely finished. I'm jealous of those that live in a city with a decent diamond district, I'm sure you have more options. But at the end of the day, Tiffany & Co. makes beautiful engagement rings in all sizes and as a consumer, you know that you are buying an item of "better than most" quality.

    We decided to go for the Blue Box secondhand. And we purchased it online (so we saved twice, more than half off retail and we didn't have to pay sales tax). In person, it is absolutely stunning and everyone that knows that we purchased it secondhand asked us how we knew it would be so beautiful from pictures online, and we basically tell them that since it is Tiffany & Co. we knew that it would at least be a certain standard (equal or most likely better than diamonds at the same price as an estate Tiffany).
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  7. This topic will never die........people get engaged everyday and it's a very important subject for them.

    For myself, I have no engagement solitaire and have never felt the need for one. If I had to have a solitaire diamond, I think I would go with Tiffany's because I'm snobby that way.
  8. LOL! It is not snobby to like beautiful things.
  9. I am not in a relationship that would likely result in an engagement, but hope never dies. lol

    That being said, I agree with the statements that you go for what you like. Tiffany is lovely but expensive. Yes, you can get a bigger diamond elsewhere for less money. If I were in the situation of engagement ring shopping, I would probably want one designed for me by the jeweler who designed my tennis bracelet.

    I don't see the point of numerous discussions of why spend money on Tiffany e-ring versus elsewhere. I don't think there will ever be a consensus.

    One last thing: If I were to have a proposal of marriage & the ring was Tiffany, I wouldn't refuse it. Of course, I'd faint away, hit my head on the way down, end up in a coma & the ring would go back to the store.
  10. It really iritates me to no end that people here seem to think its irrational to spend money on a Tiffany ring but they'll shell out for a purse, even a mass produced common purse when you could have a leather knock off or a much cheaper non-brand leather purse. I've owned an item from all the high end houses, LV, Chanel, Hermes, and I promise you they're nice but you're paying a HUGE premium. I actually prefer to pay the premium for my Tiffany jewelry based on what I see out there in the jewelry stores and I browsed all over the diamond district of NYC when I was ring shopping.

    As for getting the Tiffany style setting elsewhere. Well maybe it will look as good maybe it won't. Someone on pricescope posted a very popular knife edge band next to a Tiffany one and it was clunky. Looks fine on its own though. I love my Tiffany jewelry but stopped posting on pricescope because people there are such Tiffany bashers. Anyways I prefer the real deal, like with my bags.

    I think some of the comments on this thread are rude. I would never be insulting to a particular handbag brand the way people are to Tiffany jewelry owners. Yet Cartier gets a free pass for their gold bracelets that cost over 4 grand. Or Van Cleef. These houses all charge a premium.
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  11. While a Tiffany ring would not be my choice, I don't see anything wrong with people preferring it. Very much like bags, IMO, in that just because a certain brand doesn't do anything for me doesn't mean it isn't worth every penny for someone else. We have choices because different things matter to different people. It doesn't make one person right and the other wrong; it means that a choice that is right for one person may be wrong for another.

    When people ask for opinions about whether they should buy a Tiffany ring or not, everyone will still continue to give their opinions about what matters to them. But in the end, the only thing that should be important for the person asking for the opinions is what matters to THEM.
  12. I can say, with confidence that a Tiffany diamond solitaire ring is worth as much as tens of thousands dollars. It is perfect in terms of design. Nothing rough in finishing. You can easily convince the quality in every respect if you can look at/touch it. (Actually, I can notice the difference even looking at a picture of Tiffany's.)

    I really wonder that people comparing Tiffany to knock-offs and saying they are same quality/Tiffany's are overpriced have ever possessed Tiffany rings.

    A diamond ring is not a "diamond" plus a "frame." A diamond ring is a jewelry. Tiffany (or Cartier, DeBeers, etc.) rings may be too expensive, but I have to buy a Tiffany (or Cartier, etc.) ring ---even if it is overpriced --- because it appears TO ME that there exist no comparable jewelry quality rings.

    My conclusion: If you compare a Tiffany solitiare and a knock-off and you don't notice the difference in quality and only notice the huge price gap, you should not buy a Tiffany. The price is too high...

    It's easy!:smile:

    PS: As for diamonds, I also believe in the diamonds with Tiffany or Cartier, They must be able to cut row stones differently, boldly because they can enjoy price premium.
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  13. if money is never an issue, of course brand name, y not. though i am not living that perfect world so have to give up alit and get alit something else. to me, having a same quality stone but bigger is much more important than the name itself. in this case, size does matter, name doesnt :smile:

    i am a devoted pricescoper too. i'd much prefer doing research on my own and pick the exact stone i want. i think tiffany, for some ppl who dont have the knowledge or dont want to do any research, is a garantee of best cut stone. u r paying for the name, for the time u save on research and shop around, and the garantee(of course service as well).
  14. well said!
  15. I agree 100%. I don't think people will ever agree. For me personally, I'm like some of the others in the thread and would not want a Tiffany e-ring. But, I wouldn't want a Cartier, VCA or Harry Winston, etc., either. That is just me. I don't see the point in paying the markups for diamonds that you can find elsewhere w/ the same quality.