tiffany E-ring or non tiffany e-ring? help!!!!

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what would you choose?

  1. tiffany e-ring

  2. cartier e-ring

  3. non specific brand with larger diamond

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  1. what would you do? and why? :smile: please help
  2. #2 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
    I always thought that I wanted a Tiffany ring but you don't really get a good bang for your buck. You're paying such a high markup for the name, and the styles aren't so unique that they can't be recreated by another jeweler. I recently got engaged and I love that I got a 1ct center stone with great specs. If my fiance had gone to Tiffany he probably wouldn't be able to afford something half the size. I'd rather have a bigger stone from a non-famous jeweler than a smaller stone from a name brand jeweler.
  3. Try on a variety of different rings. Whatever sings to you, go for that! I am not going to tell you what brand you want or if you do not want a brand. It is a personal decision. Decide what works for you.
  4. I don't think she's asking us which she should choose. . . . which would WE choose :biggrin:
  5. I would not choose either brand. I didn't have a stellar Tiffany experience and I also realized after that experience that I can have better quality from someone else. Tiffany or Cartier do NOT mean better. They mean brand. And if brand means more to you, go with Brand. But it didn't mean more to me, quality for my money meant more.
  6. If the size/color/clarity that I desire from a branded jeweler is in my budget, then I would. If not, I would totally go with an unbranded stone.
  7. I just dropped off my ring at Tiffany's to be cleaned today and had a wonderful experience. The cleaning (to me) is a great perk. It's nice that no matter what city I'm in, we have a reputable jeweler that I can just drop off my ring with and have it checked out while we shop/get lunch/whatever.

    How I feel about unbranded/branded also varies by what kind of carat weight/price range we're talking about. I think there is a huge visual difference between .5 carat and a full carat, but after a certain point... a diamond is substantial enough and I would prefer to have the designer setting.
  8. Non-branded for me. I'd rather have the larger rock!
  9. i have a tiffany ering. love the design, love the comped cleanings, love the blue box.
  10. A friend of mine was deciding between Cartier and Tiffany a few months ago (I think she was looking for 1+ carat and colour D...pricing from both stores ended up to be only $200 in difference). Cartier offered her a $500 store credit if she was going to buy from them (so Cartier ended up being cheaper). But she ended up choosing Tiffany because of the design.

    I went with Tiffany myself without looking at any other options. I am in love with the classic 6 prong and I don't want a copy cat ring.

    Choose the design that you love :smile: Choose the brand you love if it really matters.
  11. Definitely Tiffany, LOVEEEEE mine!
  12. I grew up wanting a ring in the little blue box..yes, I got brainwashed into all the marketing hype. And even though many people told me that I can get a much bigger ring with better specifications at other jewellers, but it was the Tiffany e-ring in the little blue box I've always dreamed about since young.
    I would rather have a smaller sized Tiffany ring than to have a bigger sized ring bought from elsewhere.

    So my SO (bless him) proposed to me 2 years ago with it! But of course, he did shop around and found that between a certain size range, Tiffany e-rings are actually cheaper than my local jewellers especially since the setting is in platinum while the local jewellers tend to use white-gold for their settings.

    But he told me that he would still buy the Tiffany e-ring for me even if it was more expensive as it was what I wanted. Crux is he bought what I wanted and not what he or other people think I should be wearing.
  13. im trying to decide, but im asking what would you do personally... not pick for me, if that makes sense :biggrin: thanks for the replies

    as for carat sizing im new to this. is 1 carat big? will it be bigger or sparkle more from tiffany or cartier
    i have no idea how big carat sizes are. can anyone post pics of different carat sizes?
  14. 1 ct is 1 ct, doesn't matter where it's from. Its all about the cut and proportions. Poor cut will change how it appears, and can make it look smaller or larger than it should and will affect sparkle. You can get just as sparkly a stone from another jeweler than you could from Tiffany or Cartier. It's all about Cut and both can sell a "dog" of a stone or they can sell a serious winner. The key is to look at the cert, look at the stone IN PERSON, and decide if the angles work for you. I think settling on the brand because the marketing implies they're trusted is not ideal. I think you should do the research, the learning, and decide if paying more for the brand is more important to you. Just because it's branded doesn't make it better.
  15. I agree with can get the same sparkles as Cartier or Tiffany if you go local as long as the diamond is an excellent or ideal cut. I didn't know about ideal cut until labrat from this forum told me about it and she send me a website to check my Tiffany diamond. Luckily, my Tiffany scored less than 2 and is an ideal cut diamond.

    I would say go with the design that you love!!!