Tiffany dragonfly necklace or another brand?

  1. So I :heart: this Tiffany dragonfly necklace, but I was wondering if anyone had seen something of similar styling elsewhere?? Are pave diamonds hard to cut/set well? It seems priced rather high at $2,400 for .15 ct. in comparison to other Tiffany pieces. Does anyone have a pave set Tiffany piece? Do they really sparkle?

  2. i've seen this in person and it is really gorgeous. the pave diamonds definitely sparkle and catch your eye!
  3. I think it is very beautiful too. It has an old world charm to it. I don't think pave diamonds are hard to set. And I've heard of pave diamonds falling off, no joke. Tiffany like the other big brands charge a premium for their brand name hence it is so expensive.
  4. Ooh thats a really pretty necklace and deffinately something you don't see everyday, so that's why I like it even more!
  5. I have a Roberto Coin Dragonfly necklace which is gorgeous. It is from RC's Tiny Treasures collection. It retails at about $1400 and has .44 ct diamonds. Pictures don't do justice to the piece. You have to see it.
  6. I have seen a few of the Roberto Coin ones and they are really nice. And a much nicer price!
  7. if you really like the way THE tiffany dragonfly looks, i suggest you get it because if you're anything like me, if i get a substitute and find something i don't like about it, then i always WISH i got the one i really wanted....just sayin'.
  8. BUY what you LOVE.. you will always be satisfied...
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