Tiffany Diamonds

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  1. Where do Tiffany diamonds come from? Are they 'synthetic' diamonds (also known as HPHT or CVD diamonds which are made in laboratories), or are they still 'real' diamonds took from the ground? I know it's very rare these days to find 'real' pearls since you only see cultured pearls on the market, or they must be really really expensive. But I was wondering if it's the same story with diamonds nowadays.
  2. No, Tiffany diamonds are natural and mined. Natural diamonds are definitely more plentiful than natural pearls.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought, but I just saw this show on Discovery Channel and it said that a lot more stores started to sell these 'cultured diamonds' and they ship a lot to NYC. So I was wondering which brands are selling diamonds like these. But good to know Tiffany still sells natural diamonds
  4. No worries, the vendors need to state very clearly what they are selling. I would bet my last dollar that Tiffany would never sell synthetic diamonds. There's no romance in that and Tiffany is ALL about the romance!
  5. They are natural. It's a VERY big deal to disclose synthetic.
  6. They also claim that their diamonds are all conflict free.
  7. for their prices you bet they are real.