Tiffany diamond wedding band - advice needed!

  1. I've persuaded my DH to buy me a new wedding band because I've put up with him for so long! :p
    I like the look of Tiffany's 18ct gold channel set diamond full circle band as it would sit with my existing ring which I still want to wear as it's v old & has sentimental value. My e/ring is a 7-stone cluster but I do swap my rings around so might also wear with a diamond solitaire or a ruby/diamond eternity ring.
    I'd be v interested to hear from all you Tiffany owners - is this a good choice? Would you recommend it?

    The thread - ring dilemma - has a pic of my existing rings.
  2. It may be because I have not slept yet but I can't find your thread!

    That aside... my bf got me the platinum version of the ring I think you are talking about. I have the one that is 3mm. I LOVE it. It is such a beautiful ring and I think it would be lovely as a wedding band. (Everyone always mistakes mine for one!) It is versatile too- I wear it alone and stacked with other rings.
  3. I'll bump the thread up so you can see my rings. Yes, I'd like the 3mm one - do you have a pic of you wearing it by any chance?