Tiffany Diamond pendant..which one?

  1. I am planning to get a Tiffany diamond cross, but they have 2 sizes. But I am not sure which size to get. Is the small one too small & it's barely noticible OR is the large one too big? The larger one will be more sparkly, but is the cross too big? I am so undecisive & I have been debating for a long time. I have attached a picture of the small one on me. Please give me some opinions! Here are the dimension:

    1) Large Cross pendant. Platinum; 11 round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 1.87, color grade F, clarity grade VS; on a 16" chain. (1" (L) x 3/4" (W)) Each individual diamond will be only 0.17 ct x 11

    2) Small Cross pendant. Platinum; 11 round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight .50, color grade G, clarity grade VS; on a 16" chain. (3/4" (L) X 1/2" (W)) Each individual diamond is probably going to be (0.045 ct x 11)


  2. I like the one you have on. It looks beautiful on you!
  3. I really like the small one on you; simple, classic, beautiful!
  4. Thanks mello_yello_jen & cdnshopper!! The small one is really tiny...:smile: since 11 diamonds altogether are 0.5 ct. I am planning to get the large one too so I can compare both. Then, I can take a picture of both & compare them side by side. Do you think the large one is too large though. It's only 0.25 inch wider & taller. :smile:
  5. I prefer the smaller cross pendant for everyday wear. :yes: If you can find a photo of either Cindy Crawford or Elizabeth Hurley, they've both been photographed wearing the large version. They are both fairly tall and the large version looks pretty substantial on them. I think if you are petite the large version is going to be a little "too large" (and a LOT more expensive too). It's too bad they don't make a "medium"!
  6. HappyAngel,

    Here's something you might be interested in. The Facets Collection makes a cross that is IDENTICAL to the Tiffany cross in design... and they make a medium size as well.

    When you're not paying for the Tiffany name, it is amazing what a difference there is in cost. Don't know how important the name is to you, but check out their 1.33 ct TW cross in platinum. I've purchased other things from them before and they have wonderful items.
  7. The small one looks pretty big to me! I would go with that one and save the extra money for another item you like in the store :smile:
  8. Hi, Roo: How are you? I will try to look for pictures of Cindy Crawford or Elizabeth Hurley wearing the cross. :yes: I am only 5 feet 5 so the large one probably looks big on me. Thanks for letting me know about the Facets cross.....the cross looks identicial to the Tiffany ones to me. I don't know much about diamond & I didn't know Tiffany items are so overpriced!!! :rolleyes: Thanks again!
  9. I think the small one you have on is perfect for every day wear... anything larger would be a little much, to me.
  10. The one you got on is really pretty, the size is just right. :smile:
  11. I have found 2 pictures of Cindy Crawford wearing the LARGE diamond cross, but I am not sure if it's the Tiffany Cross as the necklace is different. She may just take out the platinum chain.

  12. [​IMG]
  13. I would go with the larger one. I like bigger (but not huge/tacky) necklaces.

    Dainty ones just don't look right on me :smile:
  14. Small.
  15. They're both beautiful, but I agree the smaller one is more suitable for everyday wear. Keep us posted!