Tiffany diamond help please !!!

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  1. Hi everyone !

    My my "baby" brother ( not so baby anymore ) is getting engaged and I have been helping him find a diamond ring through a reputable diamond distributor in our city . Today they emailed me saying someone have their Tiffany ring ( I guess they got divorced or something ) they are offering a 1.09 CRT Tiffany ring ( with cert and box ) at a great price . The issue I am having is when I put the dimensions into the hAC calculator it's saying the girdle is "dangerously thin" is that possible for a Tiffany diamond ? I'm confused . Any help would be appreciated ! I've attached the cert Thanks !

  2. You're probably inputting one of the figures wrong, it's a 1.0 on the HCA. Now, that said, it's deep for that table percentage.

    Is this an INTACT Tiffany item? I'm a little confused as to how a "reputable diamond distributor" would have a loose Tiffany stone and that is a little concerning regarding authenticity.

  3. Oh really ? I must be doing something wrong . It's in a band (attached ) but I have no idea if this is a band which is offered from Tiffany . ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392417290.597585.jpg

    Thanks so much ame ! Does the cert seem real ? They are giving it almost 50% off Tiffany price ( still overpriced for a non Tiffany diamond though)
  4. I should mention this company own a big auction company too ( hence why they get estate jewlery )
  5. That doesn't apparently to be a Tiffany setting I recognize.
  6. Is that a half bezel?
  7. That is the Tiffany Etoile setting.
  8. Yea that's why I was asking if it was a half bezel. That photo is kind of blown out with the flash around the stone, so I was trying to confirm if that was really that setting.

    I am glad you clarified that it's mounted and intact. If there's confirmation that it's legit and the diamond matches the report, it might be a good sale.

  9. Not sure if it's he bezel :sad: thanks for your input ... I'll dig a little deeper :smile:
  10. Get a photo without flash in better lighting bec I think MatAllston is right--assuming that's really the intact setting.