tiffany diamond bow ring...

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  1. anybody have this bow ring?? any modeling shots?? would like to see what it looks like on the hand. thanks in advance!

    tiffany ring.jpg
  2. ooh that is gooorgeous!!!!
  3. i know!! i think this ring is just gorgeous.. but i'm having trouble justifying the price!! it's $1500 and it only has .12 carats of diamonds.. epps!
  4. ^^ i know what you mean..but it's Tiffany's for ya! I saw a similar bow ring at a local jewellry store here and it was only $299 with less diamond ctw. but i dunno if i'd wear it. LOL i'd rather get the necklace!
  5. I tried on the ring and it wasn't for me, but it looks great on the TPFer who got it. I just felt like it was too cutesy.
  6. thanks just_jill!! it looks soooo cute on her fingers.. hrmm.. i think i'm going to have to go down to tiffanys this weekend and try it on!
  7. I definitely think that's the kind of ring that only looks good if you have cute little fingers lol. But it is adorable!
  8. ooh pls show modelling pics if you get it k!! i can't wait!

    lol it'd be perfect for my piano fingers then! but *sigh* that price tag is hella
  9. this is so ME!!!! I just can't justify for the price though!!!!
  10. Loooove it!!! How pretty. Please post pics if you get it.