Tiffany DBTY or????

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Go with?

  1. Tiffany's dbty .07 in SS

  2. bigger .23 for $650

  3. Go with .32 for $766

  4. None

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello! I just ordered the SS .07 dbty from Tiffanys and it's coming tomorrow I'm excited! I was looking at this thread and saw a wonderful collection of different dbty from T and others. It was $450 after tax or I can get one in 14k White Gold for $766 for a .32 which is significantly larger. (I could go smaller to compare prices) Smallest they have is a .23 which is $650

    Keep the Tiffanys or go with the other one??
  2. I'd get one made elsewhere in all honesty. But if you want a Tiffany branded one, I'd get the middle sized one. It's supposed to be dainty, but I think you'll like one in the .20ct range.
  3. If you can afford it, I would go with the larger diamond, non-Tiffany brand.

    ETA - I voted for the one for $650.
  4. Yeah i'm leaning towards the larger one, I know it's suppose to be dainty but I love a good sparkle ;)
  5. If it's well cut, it's gonna sparkle. Depending where you buy it, a smaller stone will sparkle.
  6. Where were you looking to buy the other Dbtys?
  7. It's Very Good-cut, J-color, VVS1-clarity, Round, 0.32-carat Diamond

  8. It's not officially a dbty just similar style, blue nile :smile:
  9. link me the stone in a pm-- i want the angles. you want the best can drop clarity to vs1
  10. Sent