Tiffany & Co. watches

  1. Does anyone own one?

    I don't think I've ever heard anything about their watches, but I like this one. Just for the price, I wonder if one should go Cartier or Rolex.

  2. how much do Tiffany watches run?
  3. You can see the prices on their website, but generally from about $1.5K - $3K!
  4. first off, i am a huge tiffany fan! however, i don't own any of their watches. i own cartier, ebel and tag heuer and do think the tiffany watches are beautiful. just a word about them tho...they don't really retain their value the way other brands do. obviously go with what you love- geez you will be spending enough money , right? but, keep in mind that if you are going for long-term value, rolex has no peer.