Tiffany & co Vs. Cartier

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  1. I know they are both higher end stores. But is one more higher end than the other? I went into a Cartier the other looked pretty much like Tiffany's just the store itself was smaller. I think the prices are kind of the same, but I can't tell. I personally like Tiffany's over Cartier...but can't really tell. What do you guys know or think? ? ?
  2. i've never walked into a Cartier store i guess my opinion is useless. Cartier pieces are higher end than Tiffs, but if you had that experience where you thought it looked pretty much like Tiffany's, then go for the Tiffany's.

    i think to a certain degree, all the higher end merchandise has the quality, but all in all, is which brand you choose to spend your money on, and for which name.

    i wonder if i would be able to tell if Cartier had a different level of quality or etc...
  3. Tiffany & Co. has a larger range of products (pricewise) compared to Cartier. From my experience, the quality of jewelry (e.g. workmanship, gemstone quality) offered by both ateliers are the same. Of course one cannot compare the emeralds/rubies/sapphires/diamonds Tiffany sets into silver to the same Cartier sets in 18K/Plat. However when it comes to fine (18K/Plat) jewelry, I feel Tiffany and Cartier offer the same quality goods.

    Of course each jewelry house offers its customers different jewelry in terms of style and taste. I love the large offering of pink gold selections at Cartier as well as the timeless style of the stackable Tiffany celebration rings.

  4. I am a Cartier fan and have several pieces from them.
    Tiffany doesn't really grab me the way Cartier does.
  5. It's all a matter of personal taste. (Plus i don't live by any cartier stores and i hate the traffic through Beverly hills, Tiffany's is always around where i live it seems.):yes:
  6. I love both stores but I feel the variety at Tiffany's is better. When I shop at Cartier it is usually for the iconic pieces from the Love collection or the rolling rings and watches. Tiffany's is like being a candy store with lot's to chose from like Perreti diamonds by the yard or a Picasso piece.
  7. owww:yahoo:, i liked the way you described Tiffany''s like being in a candy store!!:P:woohoo:
  8. I usually go to Cartier for timepieces, and Tiffany's for jewelry.

    But from my PoV, walking into Tiffany's had been a lot easier than walking into a Cartier. Shopping in Cartier makes me nervous for some unknown reason.
  9. to me, Cartier . . . maybe because of exclusivity?
    There's a Tiffany's in most malls, much fewer Cartier's.
  10. Cartier, All the Way!
  11. Cartier
  12. Both are high quality jewelers when comparing Tiffany's higher end pieces to Cartier. Both are known brand names but the style aesthetic is quite different. I find Cartier more modern and bold and Tiffany's more delicate and vintage-like. So think it depends on what style you prefer.
  13. Cartier for me too!
  14. Cartier, too. I am of the same opinion as Swanky.
  15. I think both places have beautiful jewelry.