Tiffany & Co. Turquoise Diamond shopping bag pendant Question

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  1. Nobody owns it ??
  2. That's adorable! i've never seen that in our boutique... anyone have any idea about hte dimensions? Is the same size as the enamel & sterling one, i wonder?
  3. im prob no help but i have the silver shopping bag charm and i love it. im not sure if its the same size as the turquoise one but mine is 1.4cm x 1.1cm x 0.7cm. I have it on a different tiffany chain than the one in the pic. i can take some modeling pics 2moro if you like
  4. sorry cant really help, but that pendant is too cute. I havent seen it before.
  5. I saw it in on display once, but the store was closed. I own the enamel/silver version but it's not as cute as the diamond one. The diamond one is a tad longer. I wish someone would post action picture!
  6. Wow, that's nice. I'm assuming it's about the same size as the enamel one
  7. The enamel and sterling ones are actually an "open" bags. I wonder if the turquoise is solid or open as well...I guess I will need to call CS and ask.
  8. They're all cute but more than I'd want to spend for that item!