Tiffany & Co raised their prices!!

  1. They raised their prices on some items. I was looking at the bead bracelet right after Christmas and then again just now... its more expensive now!!! :yucky: How often do they have a price increase?
  2. argh are you serious?! jesus these companies are killing me here!
  3. Really? I'll have to check out the website...
  4. Yes. It first caught my attention when I was browsing online and saw the mesh ring for $150 and thought... 'wait a minute... I could've sworn it was cheaper 3 weeks ago!' I can't remember the exact price but I thought it was in the lower 100s. So I checked the bead bracelet which I am nuts over... it was $130 three weeks ago and now its $150. Checked the silver bar necklace, no price increase. wheew! =) Checked the heart tag bracelet, it used to be $175 and now it is $185.
  5. With silver prices increasing so much it doesn't surprise me. I've had to increase my prices on some silver pieces as well.
  6. Tiffany is also one of those companies that has customers no matter what it charges.
  7. yup, i just bought the tag necklace (the heart on a 36 inch chain) and the price increased from $175 to $195.. i was like woah are you serious lol
    It is incredibly popular around here though, almost every girl has one!
  8. That makes me sad! I wanted to buy the exact same necklace 2 weeks ago~ Its beautiful and can be worn many ways. Now, I'm kicking myself for not purchasing.
  9. this makes me sad because there are some pieces i'm missing i was planning on replacing but a raised price? um...might think twice...i'll check my house again.

  10. I love that necklace!! I have the heart necklace along with the oval shaped tag on the 34" chain and they are among my favorites!:nuts: :heart:
  11. Could it be that Valentine's day is around the corner? :confused1:
  12. The price increase was last Sunday. I went a bought a gold and diamond ring and the price increased $200.
  13. I love mine too, I cant stop wearing it.. And whenever im bored I just think up a new way that I can wear it.. and so far I have 4 ways! Its great, Id you love it.. then definantely get it!:yahoo:
  14. arghh :sad: So many price increases lately!

    I made a wishlist of all the Tiffany's stuff I wanted along with their prices awhile ago..I'll go compare them now & hopefully they haven't changed too much :s
  15. I think that they rotate their price increases... so not everything goes up all at once, which is nice... the sales people will let you know if they're expecting increases if you ask nicely..

    I was looking at one of their elsa peretti gold pieces last march just before their April increases... the necklace was $500. In april, the necklace went up $125, and has gone up another $100 (for a total increase of $225) since then.

    Part of me wishes I had picked up the necklace, but I didn't LOVE it, and I don't really lust after it now, so I'm okay with that... but it makes it harder (for me) to pay for their other gold items knowing they've probably gone up as much since...

    Although... I did purchase a pair of gold earrings that have not increased in price nearly as much.... wonder how much weight/designer name (not EP) had to do with it....