Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Rings...

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  1. I just received a Tiffany & Co. book in the mail today (the one with the Santa holding a stack of Tiffany boxes) and I have become obsessed with the Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Rings...:love: Normally, I wear white gold and platinum, but there is just something about her gold rings with the colorful stones...They remind me of candy! Has anyone seen them in person? I just love how simple they look...they remind me so much of the rings that I used to get out of the bubble gum machines when I was little. :heart: :tender: :girlsigh:


  2. They're great looking, but I too think they're awfully simple looking, especially for the money. I have a friend lusting after the cabochon peridot, but for $1700 I think she could have two of them made by a reputable dealer.

    Wholesale peridots go for $50-$100/carat and the ring shown on the website is 1.7 carats, I believe. Anyway, I was advising her to go to a jeweler and design her own - but she's sold on the Picasso design and Tiffany mark! I hope Santa delivers for her!
  3. I think they are far too overpriced for semi-precious stones too. One ring I saw was going for <gasp> 5K. I was like, come on, these look like costume jewelery to me. Just try them on when u go to Tiffany. I personally feel I don't have to own everything I like; just fondle them once in a while is good enough lol.
  4. They are a quite expensive....but I just cannot get them out of my head.:rolleyes: :shame: :lol: I love how simple they are.
  5. One of the Sugar Stack rings was 5K? :wtf: The ones I like are all under 1600.00.
  6. Okay...I just saw the 5K one: the 8 ct Rubellite.:drool: It's beautiful, but I like the smaller version of it.
  7. I m not so rich, so I wouldnt consider them. But I think there are a lot of hiltons and richies in this forum who would buy these lol. R u one of them?
  8. No way.:lol: I just love the look of them...probably for nostalgic reasons.
  9. I've tried them on and they are FAB!! But, I can't be throwing that kind of cash around for PERIDOT!! Fun to play with whenever I'm in the store tho!
  10. Very beautiful!
  11. Can't wait to try them on. Its really hard to get something so simple and well-made, in my opinion. I've been looking for a cocktail style ring to wear to work for ages and the problem is most of them look cheap or tacky to me.
  12. Absolutely. I love a really simple, well made ring...I love the look of these because there are no diamonds and the stones look really smooth. I wish they were not so expensive...but I still want one badly...:rolleyes: :shame: :love:
  13. I think they look like the typical pomellato rings...they also go for +-€1500. I would go for the pomellato because these are just so typical for them, like I'd prefer Burberry for a trench.
  14. They are pretty, but overpriced IMO. Not to mention, for that kind of money the stones should not have as many flaws!
  15. Those are gorgeous!!