Tiffany & co online?

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  1. I was wondering if you purchase items online, do you get your purchase in the cute blue box?
  2. I have never purchased from them, however, I would imagine you do because that is their number 1 trademark besides jewelry of course.
  3. i've never ordered online, but i would be surprised if they didn't wrap it in a blue box for you. i'm almost positive they do.
  4. yep! in a bow, in a pouch. baby, order from there if you can't get to the store. i think you get a bag too..i don't remember..forget.
  5. yes, i've ordered online and you get box, pouch, bow just like in the store. I've ordered a couple of necklaces online and hubby has ordered me some bracelets and they all came packaged that way.
  6. yup they give you the box and the ribbon!!! its like getting it the store!
  7. Yep mine all came with the ribbon bow and box.
  8. Yep, box and ribbon and they will even enclose a card if you need it!
  9. Yes for online. Once I wanted a bracelet that was out of stock at the store. They told me they can mail it to my home when it arrives in the store, with free shipping. That too, came with a box and ribbon and pouch.
  10. Yes, online purchases come wrapped as if you were shopping in the store!
  11. My DH has gotten a few things online & it comes wrapped up just as nice as if he'd gone to the boutique!
  12. Yep, I bought a keychain and it came with all the pretty packaging :tup:
  13. Yes, they sure do!:love:
  14. Yes, and it is better than Christmas!
  15. Yes, they come just like the store! I think you even get a bag if I'm not mistaken...