Tiffany & Co. Necklace & Bracelet

  1. I wanted to share 2 pieces my DH got me yesterday...
    I only wear David Yurman SS pieces and when we went to the mall yesterday I was In LV store and my DH made a bet with me that I COULD NOT WALK OUT OF THE LV STORE WITH NOTHING:wtf: (so I was like YES I CAN) so while I was in the LV store he went next door to Tiffanys..... 1/2 hour later I came out of the store WITH NOTHING:nuts: LOL...He was sitting at a table in the mall and when I walked over to him he said he COULD not believe I bought nothing and was proud of me:graucho: ..(little does he know I will buy the bag I saw there on E-Lux LOL) ANYWAY..then he gave me the BLUE BAG with these 2 pieces...I am not a Tiffany fan AT ALL but this necklace is so nice and I LOVE IT...I love lariet style neck pieces....The bracelet is cute....Its not my David yurman BUT HE DID THIS HIMSELF so I LOVE IT...
    Thought I would share the story & The pictures
    Thanks for letting me share:heart:
  2. :nuts: Soooo sweet of him!:love: Very cute story.:lol:
  3. awww that is wayy too sweet! i made a bet with my hubby once too and if i didnt live up to my bet, id have to buy him that xbox console thingie. well i lost on the bet, but i pretended i forgot that i had to buy him something *hehehe* :biggrin: SHHHH
  4. oh thats so sweet of him, what a lovely thing to do!
  5. that is so sweet!
  6. That is so sweet of your husband! i lovee the necklace!
  7. Aw, how sweet of him! :love:
    The bracelet is TDF, I'm a big fan of the Return to Tiffany range! :heart: Loves It!:heart:
  8. Love the necklace..very sweet Hubby you have!!
  9. Congrats to you! They are lovely! Your husband is a doll!
  10. Thank You girls...:heart:
    Next time I will go with him and show him the GOLD & diamonds:graucho:
  11. Wow - that is soooo sweet!
  12. Aww, how sweet of him! I like the lariat necklace a lot:smile:
  13. VipStyle, I am a TOTAL DY fan as well but I have the first necklace too!! Love it!! I get so much use out of it and I hope you will too :smile:
  14. aww your husband is so sweet :smile: i love both pieces
  15. How perfectly wonderful of your husband to do that... lucky you!!!