Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

  1. What is your opinion of Tiffany and Co. jewelry? Too overpriced? Worth it for the design/value retention? My boyfriend has bought every piece of jewelry that he's gotten me from Tiffanys (probably because I bought him a pair of cufflinks from there) and I was just wondering if I should be sending him elsewhere. I'm interested in some Van Clef pieces, but I think they might have an even greater mark-up. Cartier is lovely, but I'm more interested in the deco pieces.

    Anyways, I'm loving the new jewelry subsection.
  2. personally, i love tiffany jewelry. my bf is the same- he only buys jewelry from there. it has more personal and sentimental value for us.

    if there is something you like elsewhere, you should go for it! whatever you like, you know!
  3. as long as you are not into the haute joaillerie all the normal collection of the houses tiffany cartier bvlgari etc. are way overpriced for what you get. for normal jewelry go to e very good jeweller and get things done for haute joaillerie go to the huge renowned houses ;)
  4. Personally, I find Tiffany & Co. to be overrated & definitely overpriced. I prefer to have a private jeweler.
  5. Tiffany is classic so it is always a good place no matter what age or where you are in life. I remember in college, it was a race with my sorority sisters to get the most pieces. I burned out by the time I graduated college.

    One thing I hated was that it doesn't take long for everyone to have what you have. That is why I love getting something that is being discontinued!! I have a few pieces and people always ask where I got it and argue if it is real because they don't see it there any more!!

    It was funny because for my birthday one year my friend was like "I'm going to Tiffany's to get you a present, what do you want?" I said "oh, I don't think there is anything there I want" and she replied "wow, you are all grown up." Anyways, I took about a 6 year break from Tiffany's and last year I got the itch again so all my birthday gifts came from there!

    Tiffany's will always be Tiffany's, dear to our hearts.

    But I do love shopping in boutiques. I love unique pieces, I love knowing that the whole world doesn't have it! Shop around and see what you like. There are many local artists that do great work!!
    Or have something you sketch up made yourself. My hubby and I have my pieces made and that adds to it's originality and makes it very special!

    Happy shopping!!
  6. The lower end stuff is just that - low end crap. It's all name and not much else. It's cute and all but not something worth it.

    The higher end stuff - I rather go to a private jeweler and get something better over paying for the name.
  7. I think it's okay but I would rather have a ring custom made and designed.
  8. I Have Quite A Large Range Of Tiffany...Mostly Gifts (From My Husband & Family).....It's All Put Away (For What? I Don't Know!). I Haven't Worn Any Since Before 2000.

    One Of Our Wedding Registries Was @ Tiffanys.....We Have Some Exquisite Pieces (I Feel Lucky About That!).

    I Love Tiffany Housewares (Pieces For The Home), Crystal, & Pens....I Also Send A Lot Of Baby Gifts From There. But That's About It.....
  9. I have several pieces from Tiffany's. I think it is worth the price. However, I do not buy exclusively from Tiffany's. I have pieces from many different stores/designers. Right now I'm really loving my Hermes elephant enamel bracelet. I also love my David Yurman pieces. I have an amythest and diamond split shank ring that is gorgeous! I also like estate jewelry. I guess my jewelry collection is like my handbag collection, very diversified.
  10. I used to be in love with Tiffany's and I have the requisite pieces that every BAP at my undergrad had: a Return to Tiffany bracelet, and an 1837 necklace.

    Over the years though my appreciation for Tiffany has declined. I think the prices are too high and I think the jewelry there is too accessible. I can walk down the street on any given day and see about fifty Return to Tiffany pieces. When I go to Tiffany's with friends who want to browse the store is always packed with people dying to buy the typical Tiffany jewelry. That is a major turnoff for me. I prefer more private jewelers who will design more unique pieces. When I want to go to a high end jeweler I will go to Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpel. I don't think that Van Cleef is overpriced, but that is my opinion.

    However, I will always love that Tiffany Blue!!! Such a beautiful color.
  11. I love the designer pieces by Paloma Picasso and Elsa Peretti. The classic round 6 prong engagement ring is a must have for traditionalists and the Etoile collection is fun.
  12. I am the same way kas Kat. I do own several pieces from Tiffany but I don't always get my jewerly from Tiffany's. My one friend's parents are jewelers and they said Tiffany is overpriced and I personally think it is overpriced as well.
  13. I think it's definitely overpriced, but there are still pieces that I like. Other than that, I wouldn't really buy from them.
  14. I love Tiffany.
  15. I think Variety is Always Good. Don't Just Stick with One. Try Other Jewelers, Custom or Brand Name.