Tiffany & Co Gift Box Question

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  1. okay so for my birthday in oct my mom got me that tiffany bracelet that is like silver beads...and when i got it the box didnt have a ribbon around it,she said she opened it to look at it...and she wouldnt give me the reciept...but she swears she bought it from looks and feels like my friends tiffany bracelet in every way...but that was my first tiffanys piece so idk i was skeptical...why wouldnt she give me the reciept. but she swore and i was like okay.

    so i got the matching earrings today for christmas....and she gave me the reciept because i made such a big stink about it before.

    and the boxes are different. and now im all worried. soo my question is...does tiffanys ever change the boxes. the color is the same, the font is the same. but the texture is different. like the one i got for my bday is smooth and the one i got for christmas is textured. the one from my birthday is bigger...naturally, its a bigger piece. BUT in JULY i got my mom the return to tiffany heart charm bracelet for her birthday. and i ordered it right from Tiffany and it has that same smooth box. so idk...i guess i just want to be reassured i suppose. can anyone shed some light on this situation??

  2. If you're really concerned why don't you take the box into Tiffany's and ask them. Better still take the bracelet, and ask them to authenticate it!

  3. I was actually registered at Tiffany for my wedding 5 years ago and I received a TON of tiffany boxes...there WERE a few variations among the larger boxes--some were more 'box-like/cardboardy' (if that makes any sense)...others were like the traditional super nice gift boxes--there were SLIGHT variations in the blue, but nothing overwhelming.

    I'd just take it into Tiffany and have them check it out...that's pretty much the only way to be sure. I can't imagine your mom would lie to you about something like that! ;)
  4. lol. true.

    and as far as bringing it....the closest one is like 3 hrs away in boston or NY. I live in CT and we have NOTHING!
  5. The larger boxes can be smoother and therefore a teensy different looking in color as well (I have HUGE boxes from wedding china) the smaller boxes usually have that "textured" look to them.

    I wouldn't really sweat the differences in boxes---I doubt your Mom would fib to you and then pass of a fake. Truly!

    Don't worry about the drive! I'm sure they're real!!

    ...and post pics too!
  6. Its from your mom - trust her. I mean seriously.
  7. Yes, the boxes can be different. I had some smooth ones, and then I had others that were textrued and I swear they were a bit darker in color. But they were all bought from Tiffany's so I know they are all real. The font on all the boxes was exactly the same though.
  8. ^ITA. Has your mom ever given you reason to doubt her in the past?
  9. I think its horrible that you are doubting your mother. I am not trying to judge you but for gods sake, believe your mother. She gave you a nice piece of jewelry, wear it and enjoy it.
  10. Just because it's a gift and thoughtful doesn't always make it authentic. I have a friend whose mother gave her a fake LV (she still swears to this day that it's authentic)...yes she meant well, but that still doesn't make the purse authentic. If you're genuinely worried about authenticity just take it into a Tiffany's store and ask to get it polished. If it's not authentic they'll refuse to do it and you'll have your answer right there.
  11. Why in God's name would you ever ask your mother for a receipt for a birthday gift?! You can't be serious.
  12. Whoa why is everyone jumping on this girl and judging her? She just had an authenticity question not a post asking us to critique the relationship between her and her mother and their gift giving practices :s We're supposed to be nice to each other and help people on PF. And it's Christmas too.. it couldn't hurt to be nice today of all days.
  13. Your mom gave you a present. Say thank you and enjoy.
  14. I agree! Don't let folks get you down! Of course you want to be sure your Mom didn't get hosed and ended up gifting you with a fake!

    Post pics and let us check it out too! But, I wouldn't worry too much if the only problem is a slight variation of the boxes!

    Hope all is well and works out!
  15. In answer to your question, my daughter received a gift (bracelet) today, delivered directly from Tiff's and the box does have a textured feel to it. Rest easy and happy new year.