Tiffany &Co Etoile Emerald Ring

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  1. Has anyone seen an etoile ring with an emerald solitaire? It may be an older style or sold outside of the US. Thanks in advance!

  2. Like a Tiffany etoile solitaire with an EC vs a round?

    No, as far as I know that only comes with a round from them.
  3. Hi, Ame, I mean an emerald stone as the round solitaire with no diamonds on the ring. Thanks!
  4. No, as far as I know that only comes with a round stone from them. They MIGHT make one if you have an EC from them in their Tiffany solitaire and want it reset into that setting, but that probably would still not be possible.

    You could probably have it made by someone else if that's the look your after, but that's not a Tiffany design that's readily available.
  5. AH, I misunderstood. I was looking at this as Emerald CUT.
  6. I think my question was a bit misleading :biggrin:
  7. I know she's asking about an emerald, but to answer your post, they DID make the Etoile with an emerald cut stone. I've only seen one at the Cincinnati store a few years ago. It was a carat stone, set E-W in the the yellow gold. Simply divine! Haven't seen another one since then, though.