Tiffany&Co Diamond Pendant


which chain color would you like better?

  1. Platinum

  2. 18K Gold

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Anyone has the Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard pendant? I need a reference pic as not sure how big is .14 carat and how long is the chain? If someone can show me a pic of them wearing it i'll very appreciated!

    Also I cannot decided on which color, Platinum or Gold? Any opinions are welcome! ;)

    in Platinum:

    in 18K Gold:
  2. I voted platinum, but only because I'm not a fan of yellow gold
  3. I agree with you! :biggrin: I dont own any yellow gold jewelry. They are either silver, white gold or platinum. I think platinum will match anything and everything you wear :biggrin:
  4. platinum. i like yellow gold but i don't like diamonds and yellow gold together.
  5. .14 is a bit tiny, but Tiffanys does have very well cut stones, so the smaller stones sparkle quite nicely. The best thing to do is try it on and see if it is large enough for the purpose you are buying. If it is and you love it...beautiful. If not, go a tiny bit larger.
  6. I prefer the 18k. I was also interested in the Diamonds by the Yard. I saw them IRL in Vegas and the .14 was very small (to my eye). I had to be honest with myself and ended up with the 18k mini bean instead.
    My other worry was that the diamonds by the yard doesn't seem to lay perfectly flat; instead it flips so sometimes you can see the pointy end.
  7. For that necklace I like platinum best. I wish I could afford it!:crybaby:
  8. I vote for 18K. I saw in real person, and it is really sparkling. Let us know your choice and show us pic too. :smile:)
  9. I voted YG because it's better on my skin. It depends on your you look better in Warm( rust, turquoise, khaki, brown, peach) or Cool(true red, navy, white, black, pink) colors? if you're cool, then the plat should look better, if you're warm then the 18 YG will be prettier.
  10. I like platinum
  11. Platinum.

    I've seen that in person and I thought with just one stone it was sort of small, for what I wanted. I did like the ones with more diamonds. That looked really nice. Like I think it had 5, but then that doesn't really work if you want the solitaire look.

    And even though it doesn't say so, I'd assume it is on a 16 in chain.
  12. platinum gets my vote.
  13. I have it in platinum, the diamond is little, but it looks really pretty on the thin chain. Its my fav piece of tiffany jewelry that I have, and I have prob 30 pieces, some more expensive and some less than that. I wear it every day almost. I like platinum, but mainly bc my ering and wedding band are platinum so it matches
  14. i like the platinum
  15. Diamonds always look better set in platinum