Tiffany & Co Customer Levels - what do they mean?

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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen!

    I went to Tiffany Co the other day and purchased an item. I saw on their system I was a "gold" level customer (although I swear I saw 3-4 profiles on their system which all were me haha). I am not really sure what these levels are and what they mean? Does anyone out there know what the other customer levels are? What determines these levels?

    Thanks heaps! Any help would be much appreciated. :smile:
  2. How much you spend and how often you spend it
  3. Interesting
  4. Hi Ame, yes I assumed as much but was not sure of the exact criteria or the benefits allowed with different levels.
  5. I am curious too.
  6. I don't know what level I was, but I went through several years of feverish purchasing to finish my Elsa Peretti collection. I was invited to several events, including having lunch at the TCO table at a charity horse show at a private club. The manager and several other customers were there. It was very nice but I completed adding the pieces I wanted so I stopped buying so much. The invitations stopped but I'm fine with that, as they're running a business, so it's not personal.
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  7. Bump! I'd love some insider info too :smile:
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  8. Unfortunately I don't think that we will get any.
  9. Interesting.
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