Tiffany & Co. Celebration Rings

  1. Anyone have any of the celebration rings? I'm thinking of purchasing one or two online but I was wondering how it looked like on a finger. Doesn't matter which one because they're all so prettiful! :yes: TIA!
  2. i love the tiffany celebration rings. i received two of the rings as christmas gifts last year and i wear them all the time. i say go for it!
  3. No, but I adore them. Go for it! I'd love to get one one day for a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child. *hints to husband* LOL!

  4. My eternity band is listed under their celebration rings I think - go for it... they're great and so well made! I wear mine everyday, and it's in perfect condition.
  5. I think that they are really beautiful!
  6. Oh my I love the tiffanys celebration rings! I want one from my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary.. they're beautiful!
  7. I forgot to ask, which ones are you looking at?
  8. Those Rings Are Money ! ! !

  9. [​IMG]
    This one is mine. I have a Channel-set band from the Celebration line as my wedding ring. I love it PLUS whenever DH wants to add to my collection, they can be easily STACKED up! YAY!
  10. I have the platinum etoile as my wedding ring. I received the 18kt gold etoile band for xmas this year from my husband :love: I wear them both and they still look fabulous :smile: they are all beautiful go for it! :yahoo:

  11. wow those rings are really nice and really really... wow! that does not fit the price range for a 21 year old :rolleyes:
  12. Hi A-T-G...sorry to bother you about something you posted 5 years ago! I was wondering which celebration ring you went with, is it the 3mm channel set? My wife's engagement ring is similar but she's never been happy with her wedding ring. I want to surprise her with a celebration ring, and I've been looking at the 3mm channel set, but it would be good to know how it might look.
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