Tiffany & Co. Celebration Ring/Wedding band!

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  1. Pictures first!


    Channel-set band ring, full circle with RB diamonds, 0.77ct G VS2. It is an absolutely perfect match with my engagement ring's band width. I love it, it's so heavy and sparkly and so bling! I think it makes my diamond look BIGGER than it actually is (1.30ct E vvs2).

    The big day is May 25 2007. We're having an intimate family-only ceremony and we're spending the weekend at the Peninsula Chicago in one of their grand deluxe suites overlooking Michigan Ave....AHHHH I can't wait! Honeymoon in Mexico!

  2. I Miss You On The Boards! Congratulations...I Really Love It!
  3. Wow! What a beautiful set, congrats!
  4. they look gorgeous together. congrats!
  5. those are beautiful!!!
  6. that is beautiful. congratulations!
  7. wow congrats! those two go together perfectly.
  8. There is nothing more elegant than your Tiffany solitaire and band....congrats!!
  9. Beautiful set!! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!!!
  10. Very beautiful!
  11. Beautiful!!! Enjoy it, and have a good time on your big day!
  12. Gorgeous set!!!
  13. Major congrats to you and your set it just lovely! I adore the Tiffany classic setting!
  14. You and I have such similar taste! That's the band I picked out for my wedding band too - I think mine is a bit heavier since my finger is a bit bigger, but otherwise you and I are ring twins (both e-ring and wedding band)!

    Congrats on the big day!
  15. Congrats!
    I must say you're rings are stunning. Honeymoon in Mexico sounds lovely too:smile: