Tiffany & Co. boxes

  1. I'm sure there must be someone who might be able to help me. I tried a while ago posting in the "authenticate this" thread and no one responded.

    Has Tiffany & Co. ever changed their packaging? I bought a plain platinum wedding band and had it sized and the boxes that Tiffany returned the ring to me in are completely different than the ones that came with the ring. The company itself is not being forthcoming with what would seem like a very simple question to answer. The ring was apparently first purchased in 2001 and the seller is saying that is why the boxes are so different. Even is someone PM's me, could someone give me a hand on this one?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Hmm, could you post a picture?
  3. When you say completely different boxes, what do you mean? I know they changed their little pouches. Jewelry that I purchased between 1998 and maybe 2001 were in drawstring pouches. After that, they started coming in more of an envelope pouch with a snap on it.
  4. pics coming up.

    All of the boxes on the left are the ones apparently from 2001. The ones on the right are the boxes from T&C that they sent the ring back to me in.

  5. Maybe I'm completely misunderstanding your question- Are you worried about the boxes not being authentic, or the ring? I doubt Tiffany's would have worked on your ring if it was not authentic. My friend received a Tiffany ring as a gift once, took it to them to resize it, and was told it was counterfeit and they wouldn't touch it. If they returned the ring to you and it was resized, I wouldn't worry about the fact that the boxes are different. Tiffany's probably won't comment a whole lot on the differences in their boxes because the boxes themselves are often faked as well as the jewelry.

    If I misinterpreted your question, I apologize.
  6. maxsmom, the only thing I can tell you is my own experience. I purchased a Tiffany ring in a private sale and this ring was made and sold in 2001. The box it came in was the small size like on the left in your picture.

    Last fall, I purchased another Tiffany at the store and was put into a Tiffany box the size of your larger box on the right.

    These are the only two Tiffany boxes I have kept.....hope this helps you.....
  7. Thank you so much letsgoshopping and isus! I was concerned that if the boxes were fake that perhaps the ring would be fake as well. I thought I had read in someone's authenticating page about boxes that are white on the inside being fake - and then the fonts were completely different and also the writing on the inside of the brown ring box was different. So, one thing led to another. Thanks again! I feel so much better!
  8. OK, so coincidentally, a shoe box full of Tiffany boxes just fell on my head while I was pulling something out of the closet::push:. I looked through my assortment and sure enough, I have boxes that look like both of the ones that you posted above. All my items were purchased by myself or my husband so I know that it all came from Tiffany.
  9. I was trying to get a two-ring box from Tiffany's a while back before we returned the set we bought from them (at the same time, mind you) and they told me "no". We ended up returning it anyway but you'd think that if you dropped 8K there they'd do a simple thing. I even said "just one double will be fine, no need for two boxes". And I got "NO".
  10. I've only ever had boxes like the boxes on the right in your pics. Never purchased anything before 2005 though.
  11. I bought our wedding bands in person from Tiffany's... they had white lined boxes in 1993. I asked, and received one single-ring box with white cushioning with a different blue exterior than yours. Both our rings were placed inside a compartmented brown pouch.
  12. Tiffany would have been able to tell a counterfeit ring so I am sure that you have nothing to worry about.
  13. I can't see the pics can someone please repost them I also have a vintage box with white in it and was wondering if they did that before a certain date. Thanks