Tiffany & Co 18K gold initial necklace

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  1. Any one have this necklace? Can I get your thoughts and opinions on it?? thanks much!!:idea:
  2. I looooove this. I want it.. but thought it was pricey.

    You mean the Diamond Intial one.. right??
  3. no, I love the diamond one, but I was considering the gold one
  4. The Classic Perretti script one in gold....?
  5. ya.. I think that is the one
  6. That necklace is gorgeous! I want one, too.
  7. <----- (i hope i'm talking about the same necklace) but if so i have the letter j in silver and i wear it all the time... i love it because it's so dainty and very easy to care for... the gold should be even easier to care for and i also think would look lovely. good luck on whatever you decide ;)
  8. ^^ya..thats the one:yes:
  9. I think it depends on the letter. Because some you can't even tell what letter it is.. because its script. I have the M in silver.
  10. Can someone post pics??
  11. heres a bigger pic of my silver j...

  12. I love these, but I don't care for how my initial "p" looks in it. :sad:
  13. I really like this design too. It's so original because everyone else makes initials in block letters. Some initials in this collection are definitely better than others though.
  14. I love these! I have the initial t and L in sterlig silver!
  15. i agree with what others have said. its gorgeous and very adorable, but some letters just look really weird to me.

    i got the I for my friend India, and people always ask her if it's a wishbone. :sad: but she wears it anyways.