Tiffany charms.

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  1. Since Tiffany's recently in Amsterdam I finally can buy myself some decent jewelry :yahoo:. However as I was browsing the collection online I found that there is only one men's necklace I like, then I started looking in the women's collection and saw a few I liked however they all had 16" chains which couldn't be replaced for a longer chain (at least that's what they told me in the store). So I was looking online again and I saw that there are a lot of beautiful charms and I was wondering if any of you use a charm as a necklace, since I was thinking of buying a few charms together with a 36" chain to use as a necklace. What are you opinions on this?
  2. ya sure why not! you just have to buy the little silver connector which I think is 10.00 CAN its like an oversized clasp, or yu can just thread a charm through a thin necklace. I have an envelope charm with a diamond that I have on a bracelet right now but would totally wear on a chain :smile:
  3. Hi Styloboy,
    I do wear some of my T&Co charms on a necklace. I like being able to swap them out, I think it's a playful look. I use a shorter chain, tho... On a 36" chain I would worry about them banging around & into to each other since some of them are enamel.
    I think if you tell them you want the jump ring when you buy the charm they will not charge you for it.
    To my knowledge if you want a longer chain you can get it, however they may not have that length in the store, but they will mail it to you.

    Share pics of what you decide on! :smile:
  4. Thanks for your advice, I was planning on wearing the 36" chain twice around the neck, so I can wear 2 charms at different lengths. :P
  5. Hey styloboy what up?

    I'm a guy and a Tiffany fan, and a sterling jewelry fan all around. A lot of the pieces are unisex. I wear pendants and rings and cuffs a lot. Their men's collection isn't up to par all the time, especially since they make no charms specifically for men.

    I would look for two chains of different lengths if you want to layer, maybe 24" and 36" or 18" and 24", all depending on the look you want to achieve. To wrap a 36" chain would create two 18" chains, basically the same as one 18" necklace, or else it would result in a 16" and 20" chain, which, as a man, might choke you a little.

    What charms are you looking at?
  6. hmmm, I kinda like that idea styloboy....
    I think I'm going to dig around & see if I have any 36" lengths around!
  7. If you do have one, share some photos :biggrin:
  8. HUH?? where's there a tiffany in amsterdam?!?!!?!??!! :wtf:
  9. Yes, it opened last December :yahoo: it's in the P.C. Hooftstraat across the street from Louis Vuitton
  10. OMGG I NEED TO GO! thank you SO much!! :biggrin:
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