tiffany chain length 16 or 18 inch? for an average girl?

  1. I browsed Tiffany's website. Most of the pendants come with a 16 inch chain..I wonder why..Is it because the 16 inch fits to most women???

    I'm an average person and when I tried a necklace at Tiffany's, 18 inch looked better on me..

    What length chain do you have?
  2. Most of my necklaces are 16 in. and my pendants hit just below the collarbone.
  3. i'm tall (5'10) so for me 16 inch hits me in my collarbones kind of hiding the pendant so I wear an 18inch normally or 20 to 22 inch for a bit more length so it hits above my chest. I think necklace length depends on your height as well as neck too.
  4. I have mostly 16 inches, but other lengths too for variety.
  5. I have the gold floating heart on a 16" chain, and I wish it was 18". I'm 5'4.....the chain seems a little short.
  6. I'm 5'4" and prefer to wear 18" chains but I also own 16" ones too. The 18" feels more comfortable around my neck, whereas the 16" feels short or feels kind of tight on me. I switch up the chains depending on the necklines of my clothes for each day.
  7. Most of mine are 16" and they hit right below the collarbone.
  8. I always buy 18 inches - hate it feeling too short around my neck!
  9. 5'4" here and 18" for me, but I like my necklace more "dangly". right below the collar feels too high up to me.
  10. I have both but I usually use the 16 more than the 18.
  11. I'm 5 feet tall and on me 16 inch necklaces lay more like I'd imagine 18 inch ones would on more average height women. I have 18 inch ones and they hit just above my chest. I wear both but prefer 16 most days.
  12. ^^me too and I'm 5'3 (prefer 16" necklaces)
  13. Here's a picture of me wearing a 16" dbty necklace and a 18" key pendant. I am 5'10". I hope that helps. :smile:
  14. It's all really subjective and for me it also has to do with shape, size etc. and everyone is different!

    For example, to get the look that say canyongirl (I really hope you don't mind using you as an example!:flowers:) has with her lovely 18" chain and key pendant, I just know straight off I would have to use a 20" chain to have the same effect.

    Imho, the Tiffany chains of 16" are too short to be sold as a 'regular' length - it's very high on the neckline but that's what some people might want, but personally it's not for me. I recently bought a Tiffany pendant and went for a 20" chain which I'm very happy with.

    A good dressmaking tape measure is your friend in these situations as are any necklaces you might own (and measure to get some sort of comparison).
  15. All my necklaces are on a 16" chain, the 18" sits too long for me, I like my necklaces to sit a inch or two under the collarbones.
    This is how the 16" sits one me (I'm 5'10"):